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Thread Comfort reverb on 6i6

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1 Comfort reverb on 6i6

The round trip latency to my DAW and back, with a software reverb plugin, is almost acceptable (to the point where I am quite accustomed to it) but I now need to record other vocalists who I am sure would prefer not to have even the tiniest of lags.

I am hoping to be able to connect an outboard hardware reverb (an old Alesis Midiverb) to my 6i6 and then configure MixControl to send the uneffected mix to the DAW (Cakewalk Sonar Platinum) but the effected mix to the headphones (ideally both, otherwise HP02 would suffice). Obviously this is to allow the vocalist to hear a little comfort reverb while still allowing me to use my far superior plugin reverbs in Sonar. Is this doable?

I'm afraid I am struggling to get to grips with MixControl and I can't work out if this is even achievable! If it is, then a few hints would be appreciated - and a complete road map to success would be even more welcome! If it's a non-starter then I wonder if anyone could offer other suggestions?

At the moment I have the mic signal going into a Soundcraft EFX12 with a compressor/gate/limiter on the channel insert. The mains out of the EFX12 go into the front inputs 01 and 02 on the 6i6 and output 1 and 2 feed a pair active monitors. MixControl is setup using the Zero Latency preset. Any and all of this can be changed.

I only ever record one track at a time and usually that is me recording myself on guitar, bass, vox etc. Up until now, no issue - but now there are other people involved I would really like to be able to offer them as professional an experience as possible! (Still only recording one source at a time).

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.