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Thread Considering new set up - Octopre LE and the Pro Saffire range.

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1 Considering new set up - Octopre LE and the Pro Saffire range.
I currently have a digidesign 003 desk/Octopre LE connected via the optical i/o.

I'm looking to downsize a little and want to get rid of the digidesign desk. I am considering something from the Pro saffire range as a replacement. I'll only need a maximum of 10 XLRs so perhaps the pro saffire 14 could be be a good option?

I've found lots of info about the Pro saffire 40 and the Octopre dynamic MK2 being compatible, however there's not so much info about the Octopre LE and the Pro saffire range.

Does anyone have any experience of this sort of set up?

Also I will it run smoothly with the latest version of Pro Tools and Logic Pro?

Any help will be greatly appreciated!


Deena :D:

First thing i noticed on images on the internet that the pro 14 has no lightpipe and thus not able to connect to your octopre le.

Basically what you need is a sapphire with adat input / output.

The pro 24 dsp has a lightpipe in and can only recieve audio so you will not be able to use the LE outputs.

So i guess you have to look in the higher range. The 40 could be a good choice choice.
You will have more than enough channels.

Will it run smoothly? I think so... Only Simon/dave of focusrite can answer that.

I believe the sapphire 40 accepts firewire instead of usb. Perhaps unnecessary information but ......

Myself run almost the same setup only the 40 is a scarlett 18i20 and the LE is a octopre dynamic.

- Angelie

Adat lightpipe is compatible but keep in mind that some of the sapphires have 2 adat in and support 8 tracks @ 44/48k and only 4 tracks @ 96k. So if you use higher sample rates you will loose 4 tracks of the LE.
Ending up with 12 xlr inputs @ 96k

It's not about what you got to use ....    but how you use what you got...

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HI Deena,

Angelie offers some great advice here.
Essentially, if you only need extra inputs to your DAW, you can use something like the Saffire Pro24 (Firewire) or Scarlett 18i8 (USB) to feed ADAT channels into.
If you need inputs to DAW, as well as extra outputs from your DAW back out through the Octo, you'll need an interface that carries ADAT both ways. That would be the Saffire Pro40 or the Scarlett 18i20.

With regards to Octopres, the Octopre LE will work with any of the above, there is no compatability issue here as you're only talking about transferring ADAT over light pipe. However please bear in mind that the LE is long discontinued. I would currently advise looking at the Octopre MK2 or the MK2 Dynamic (with added compressors).

Hope this helps.
Please let us know if you need anything else.

Simon // Focusrite Technical Support

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