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Thread Scarlett 2i4 volume drops

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1 Scarlett 2i4 volume drops

I purchased a Scarlett 2i4 in April this year. Everything was fine until i upgraded to Windows 10 x64 in July. Since then i started having random volume drops, mainly on Youtube videos running on Google Chrome. They happen randomly, ranging from once a week to twice a day at most. I haven't really noticed any drops while gaming or using Winamp or Guitar Pro 6.0 or while recording and mixing in Sonar X3 Producer, just when watching youtube videos.

I've monitored the volume sliders in windows volume mixer and in youtube and they're both at 100% before and after the volume drop, so the phenomenon is not reflected in the software. My computer is running in high performance power mode. I have also tried another pair of speakers but both exhibit the same problem.

I have tried the 2.5.1 stable and the 3.2.1 and 3.2.2 beta driver, all of them had the volume drops, though i think 3.2.2 does it considerably less frequent.

My system is a desktop PC, i5 4440 @ 3.1 ghz, 8.0 Gb ram. I also have a PCI Creative SoundBlaster X-Fi Xtreme gamer which i sometimes use for skype and gaming, i'm not sure if it matters.

I'm really curios if anyone else has experienced something like this with the Scarlett line and if they know a cure.