Hofner Guitars Fuzz
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Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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bobricard77's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Bluffing"

Hofner Guitars Fuzz
This is a pedal of a real fuzz simplicity and any analog and very robust. The beautiful German manufacturing license in China!


The configuration is very simple:
a volume knob, a gain and a tone, a true bypass switch very effective, an instrument input and an output and a socket for 9V supply. It can also be fed by a 9V battery that fits under the pedal and is accessible by unscrewing the 4 screws that hold the bottom plate.


Everything is done very well in this little pedal.
It hides well his game and like all fuzz should spend some time to grind to genuinely realize its resources. For my part I play with a Gibson SG 57 and mounted with a Marshall Class 5 which I changed the bowl for a much clearer than the original Jensen C10Q.

The settings are effective, their race is smooth and clean and very responsive to changes.

The fuzz is issued more than convincing, it is really in the spirit "vintage", the cross a fuzz face and a Mosrite could I afford.
In the first third of the gain we get a clear sound slightly dirty, well defined that can carve through the tone knob.
A half we feel the biting fuzz without being bitter. Agreements go well without drafts.
Beyond it really roars but knows how to stay clean in the definition which is not always the case for all the fuzz. This typical mushy fuzz but still in the reservoir is obtained.

Where it is great it is when you go a little amp gain for the cruncher. It totally transformed and I really love that sound! I found the perfect rock record in the psyche that is found in the top albums of Iron Butterfly, Wicked Lady or even the Stooges or more récement Kadavar.


I tested many fuzz, I counted more. The last one I owned was the JMI Tonebender MKIII. Not totally rotten fuzz as you tell me ... But even then I'm not rediscovered. I hesitated with the Voodoo Lab Superfuzz but it was not that. I almost fall for the Catalinbread Merkin before stumble upon it I first tried without much conviction. I did not want to repeat the same mistakes and buy LA vintage pedal handmade and rolled under the armpits so I became more reasonable, I was patient, I tested a lot and I finally found my happiness ! Finally I would not be against a small time either Mosrite!

In summary a great success, not expensive at all and sounds great!

Life_Is_A_Pigsty's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good & transparent fuzz right!"

Hofner Guitars Fuzz
At first glance, it is really nice in her gray dress below by crossing two thin red stripes, which can remind us of some Hot Rod.
The metal case is sturdy, the paint is well done and holds up. The logo "wine-to act" is super nice and footswitch between the trio of knobs. Strictly negative aesthetic: why did they not written "Fuzz" in the same way? As a screen to make a very original, it must be done everywhere!


The pedal features a true bypass switch and knobs are functional. Indeed, they have an equal and progressive race. We therefore have no sudden transition between small and large Fuzz honeycomb!

The jack sockets are well anchored in the housing, everything is solid, great. Ditto for the power input, which is quite trivial, the 9V DC.
For those who do not want s'embarasser a power supply (although I think they are few!), Access to the battery is more hassle (you have to turn the bottom, or remove 4 screws) .. It can be daunting to some, but not me!


I prefer to start with a little negative, the pedal delivers a lot of volume, so it can be difficult to set the level properly, but hey, with attention to detail there is nothing serious (I ' mean, it's not an adjustment should be done in a hurry by putting the knob in a "broad zone of action", but looking at where the cursor will be placed ...).

In the first third of the Fuzz knob, it was a very small change in its clean, with a slight grain applied, a quiet dirt.
In the second third, or about half, one enters already in the field of this pedal with a fuzz clear and straight, clear, and although the sound is not distorted much (a bit like an overdrive ).
Finally, in the last part, the sound is dirty, but nice.

For some, it may appear as too little nervous, delivering too little fuzz. By adding back an overdrive behind it becomes totally and you can access a range of sounds more "hard" (it does not bother me because I also have a Little Big Muff distortion and the Peavey).

The Tone knob is great, you can add to the sound or, as I prefer to have a lot of treble to pierce the mix.

Finally, the pedal is transparent, there is no buzz.


It's a very nice pedal which allows for a slight fuzz on his pedalboard.

If one seeks a Fuzz right, transparent, that is where we need to move.