Source Audio Programmable EQ
Source Audio Programmable EQ

Programmable EQ, Graphic equalizer pedal from Source Audio.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 2 reviews )
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 1 user review50 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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benderleben's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Source Audio Programmable EQ
this is not so bad, ok it is digital but true bypass! a beautiful 7 band EQ that 7 band bass also (optionally) a kind tremolo that makes the parade a fatherly in a midi out and taken all 9 v to 100ma


ultra easy! well thought out! the edition is super easy!

careful never to go to background on no fader! otherwise heavy distortion!


this is where I eral a bit! +18 Db gain? 12 DB gain clear?? certainly not the pedal saturates faster than desired (as always with EQ) we manage to make a clear boost boost but not as much as we would review! if it is reasonable and that it grows no fader bottom was still not a lot of shade but be aware measure groping finally edit a clean and clear EQ


for two days and it just replaced my boss EQ 20
excellent value for money in hand report! he does a good job once you understand that even in its saturated 12DB! so the range is less than expected but the sound and!
I would do this choice!

Domi-D's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Source Audio Programmable EQ
This is a pedal of a programmable equalizer 7 bands perfect size to fit in a pedalboard.
I am a bass player and I was looking for this type of pedal for 2 or 3 different sounds depending on the songs to play. This type of pedal was not legion, except maybe the boss EQ-20 but in a different format and much less convenient.
It is digital and therefore programmable to 4 banks, covering a wide range of sounds.
An input and output jack, possible feeding transformer and a midi input. The case has a metal body strong enough, except the dashboard polycarbonate can be fragile, the future will tell me on prolonged use.


Usage is very simple. It selects a preset, we chose the 7-frequency band by turning the center button once and tone found on the backup.
Note however that the output level is more than imposing when pushed to background. We do not win a lot of volume (addition of about 18db) or too until saturation.
To scroll the presets with your foot resting on the footswitch, an operation which can be uncomfortable if you do not keep an eye on the LED scrolling.


The desired effect is to visit the pedal does exactly the job we asked seamlessly. Personally, I put it on the pedalboard at the beginning of loop to be able to shut up with the rest of the effects. 4 presets than enough, at the moment I only uses two (so three sounds when the pedal is not engaged)

Note also the "Auto-scroll" mode scrolls 4 presets loop to near a tremolo sound. But that's enough anecdotal.


I use it for almost one month and it proves extremely convenient. It's simple, efficient and offering more options than analog models sliders. Source Audio pedals produces innovative, high-quality EQ and this is no exception to the rule.
The quality / price is justified in comparison with its analog cousins ​​with far fewer opportunities.
So yes, I do it again this choice