Roland MC-307
Roland MC-307

MC-307, Groove Machine from Roland in the MC series.

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All user reviews for the Roland MC-307

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Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 13 reviews )
 3 reviews23 %
 8 reviews62 %
 1 user review8 %
 1 user review8 %
Value For Money : Excellent

diplodocus303's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Proper groovebox"

Roland MC-307
For MIDI is just fine machine stable.
The effects are digital and banal, as in other equivalent machines. Too bad we can not stack effects. Too bad also that it has no separate outputs. It lacks that ...
Machine with a lot of factory sounds in it, in fact at the time the Roland engineers had taken a 505 and did get in a box of MC303 type, 307. So it's super tight in and maintenance is not easy.
I remember it was released, a lot of guys who could read and had especially consulted the manual came to a complete live with MC307, which was more compact and came in satchel bag.
The big advantage of this is its sequencer groove box, yes it is too complicated for neuneus, but who knows how to use it is really effective. There are 2 types of sequencer mode the rec TR (TR classic roland sequencer) and real time (to make patterns on the fly and in real time). I read earlier that someone said the sequencer was crap with buttons and poor. The buttons are plastic and normal like a drum machine, behind the buttons they are switches panasonic evu series, a reference that is found in many other machines and mixers, it is not poor quality.


The manual is rather thick, but the machine is pretty intuitive.
It's a groove box, you can make complete tracks with. It lacks a few buttons on the front, takes a little too go into sub menus.
I said that the seq was effective, I will explain the basic principle of a groove, it's actually good to do things quickly. Just take a factory pattern with a nice rhythm, just copy the rhythmic pattern in use. Then look at how this is done rhythmically. Copy paste in several places and make small changes to the TR rec. Then take 2 or 3 sounds, and tamper with them. Then the top is to control a module with analog, put an arpeggio sequencer 307 and play a melody on top of the con with realtime sequencer function. And presto you have laid a piece in minutes.
You can also make your rhythmic AZ sequencer, but it's much longer and ultimately it is perhaps not the spirit of the machine. It is great for the préchié.


The rhythmic sounds are very good for recorded sounds. TR808 sounds are not bad.
By TB303 against sounds are ridiculous.
Velocity accurately.


I have since 2007, I have used it once to lay a live fast, I use it little. Let's say I have machines that I want more, but it is perfect for risking his life at parties watered. A good spare.
I also tried vaguely mc909 is the same except that the spirit groovebox 909 is a gas plant.
What I like least is the recorded sounds of TB303, they are really ridiculous, but no more than on the machines of other brands ...
There is a pitch to wedge of vinyl records with, it actually not used much especially at the time was making a case RedSound sync vinyls and noon. (Something that is not sold for that matter) on this roland shot would have been better put other settings accessible from the front instead of the pitch ... then it's a matter of taste, but I in my config I have no need of this pitch
I repeat, but it's a shame that step 8 outputs in the ass for the shares, it would have been more interesting and professional.
It is a now obsolete but is efficient machine. She did not score his time, in 2002 she was on the star catalog music on the same page as the MPC2000 ... Actually roland has occurred after 505 and before 909 This is a middle of groovebox production, it far exceeds the MC303, yet it is the same format. And it is not zero at all.

fafadu49's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good groovebox"

Roland MC-307
800 sonoritées
40 drum kits (tr 808/909, techno, hardcore, drumandbass etc ...)
240 preset patterns (trance, house, hip hop, g funk, hardcore ...)
fully editable sonoritées in the same way as a conventional synthesizer.
multi effects efficace.fonction to grab triggered an effect on the fly.


groovebox easy to use when the usual with these machine.
the manual is worthy of the Bible!


the sonoritées: pretty cheap on the whole, it sounds too thin I trouve.mais remains correct for the music that is made (personal, trance and hard trance).
the acoustic sonoritées are average, but the analog are good (tb 303, jupiter, juno ...)
Note: 307 mc has 512 sonoritées 505 mc.


I kept 1 year and a half and then sold to buy me a new 808 mc.
I had the mc 303 808 mc 505 mc and d2.
307 is a good machine, contrary to the view certains.certe today in 2013 the sounds are a bit outdated (ya just listen to 808 mc which dates from 2006).
307 was released in late 1999 early 2000 for 900euros new (6000frs)
she is quoted 200euros today.
yes I do it again this choice.

Sagone's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Premire good machine"

Roland MC-307
Midi IN and OUT, phones, and pedal STREO OUT SW.

Effects section large enough and of good quality if you take the time to do some tweaking. The biggest is that it does not default not stack multiple effects on the same pattern.C is precisely what could make this machine sound convenablement.On chosen an effect, it is based on the RULES Dfine is sought then tracks which it is attributed. STOP! Shame not to open a compressor on the drum section and a small chorus on the lead Młoda .... Only the reverb and delay are cumulative in addition to the effects section.

The TRS is squenceur "mcanique" so that a right prcis and gives a small cot game-boy who does not value the bank's rather nice that Roland offers us here. We must go in the Quantize menu of the machine, to give life to the squence. Plusiurs shuffles modes are available and sounded better right away! The rglages possible are lgion. Twenty pRSET, in addition to SETTING THE timing (shuffle assay will give a little cot-ternary or rather crooked tip) and velocity (which sounds attnue submitted to shuffle). Basically makes a groove and trs trs cohrents music without much effort.


Simple configuration, manual effectively. Nothing unusual seen the beast.
The big highlight is the pitch fader right seat of the machine. This is the Roland or made strong and I still do freelance why the Akai MPC does not follow this shma.Enfin if I know, use of audio in real time is a bit more complicated ... Basically, we gre tones and BPM of a pattern or if you want: either one or the other. Listen to a two-tone squence below trs be somewhat inspiring ... Agree on a suspicious sample is a breeze. In short: great tool!

Drum level: you type in real time squence its "kick-snare-hhat" groove and offers you the spares parts: Gnial to make mute!


The sound library is vast. It's a bit dry as there is not some effects deu.Les electo sounds really cool, too low but the big surprise in the RSID sound bank "orchestral". The choirs are trs trs well made (I still serves rgulirement) some strings do their job, note the "fast attack section" and the flutes are excellent.
Otherwise the drum kits are really fucking the little one a little dirty with the effect LO-FI back correctly. Each kit includes four drum snare and bass drum 4 and leaves enough to find his shoes off.

There are a few pearls. His cot a little bit kitsch sound of madness when used among other synths. Dtourner sounds lead into bass is gniale with this box. The accumulation of TR is 606,707,808,909 trs convincing if we realize that the disks that you hear today just to sound rhythm boxes such as a vintage groove box!


This is my machine so I Premire speaks with great respect even though I would not do a disc. It was silent for me an essential tool when I got an MPC 2000 XL to orchestrate the samples that I plunder alone, mostly at the pitch fader, which allowed me to put the tonalite 'sample without any problems. The drum kit is not worth the good big wave, but another time I'll pick a snare or a kick. It sounds the framework of Manir ...

She is aging and has some keys do not work, it's not super strong but lightweight feature allows nomadic quiet and allows sessions to be down on your knees headset mode is pimpronelle sofa while watching her small "mentalist!"

threads's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland MC-307
Most features have already been described, but I think we really too much with this machine.
Many sounds available, very few are valid, and the effects are mediocre at embeillir a little less ugly sounds.
Sequencer step-by-step not bad in itself, but the small hard plastic pads are very cheap and not at all pleasant


The configuration is not "complicated" once we have understood, but its use is not practical, it must go through menus, submenus, select a setting and move, and then again with another and with these hard plastic buttons is boring quickly (say it) and uncomfortable this may sound silly to say this, but I assure you that ultimately it is tedious, and it does not invite to get to work ..


Sounds, as I said above, are not really terrible or non existent.
The percussion sounds are still going to add that bit of reverb, but it's still pretty cheap and not very "malleable". It does not sound or it sounds cheap. I know I can nitpick a lot about her, but there nonetheless, putting 200 to 300 (!) Euros in there, you must be crazy.


It's a toy. Sub-weigh there, you see, there's nothing inside. A box that makes it cheap. Even a basic Electribe done better.
I hallucinate that it would sell 200 to 300 €! However, I bought mine at that price to resell quickly after, but less expensive, it was obvious, even though I was disgusted.
If you have 100 to 200 €, take a small Electribe: it will sound better, easier, and more importantly, you'll have fun right away. If you have 200 to 300 € and up, take a drum machine, such as Akai XR-20 with synths sound really pretty, or large Electribe: the ESX-1 sampler made, and forms wave so it can be used as groovebox, and it sounds really. I do not bump for Akai, Korg or to or for a music store, but really, if you want quick access to sound and create music in an intuitive and enjoyable, exploring without taking the head, the MC-307 should be prohibited, or negotiate around 150 € up!

I'm not saying this to bring harm to sellers of MC-307, I'll surely notice similar to that sells Rm1x also too expensive in my opinion, while at least, it can serve as a sequencer (but just about everything).
I just want to avoid future buyers disappointment I had when I paid mine not far from 300 € and when I realized it was a complicated machine, which does not sound, and ultimately off-putting .

For 300 €, we can have an analog synth, or a virtual analog of good quality. It may be different, but still ... an MC-307 to 200 €, it is a scam. At 300 €, it's theft.

elektrovizo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland MC-307
Connectors: MIDI IN and OUT, AUDIO OUT L (MONO) + R, a pedal input and a headphone jack
There are so many sounds in various styles, they are classified by family (bass, synth, pad, keys & org, brass, etc ...) and are fully editable. The kits include all the rhythmic legendary drum machines of the brand such as ROLAND TR-909, TR808 and TR-606. There is a freeware to edit the sounds and rhythm kits from a PC (see section Tips). There are 25 effects plus 2 effects (reverb and delay) "master".
Ultra intuitive sequencer (7 parts + 1 part rhythm itself composed of 8 parts + 1 part to save the commands such as mute or tempo) with two recording modes and RealTime TR-REC-REC.

The rating for the feature is only 9 / 10 because it lacks in my opinion one or two additional audio outputs.


This is my first machine "its" and I got my first call patterns without consulting the manual. The general configuration is available to control other machines you need to know the basics of MIDI protocol, but after it's childish.

The manual is clear and covers all the functions of the machine. It lacks a few tips (see section Tips). The index at the end of the manual can quickly find the desired information. The manual is illustrated with concrete examples to explain the basics of the generation and control of sounds.


The sounds of the machine are not at all realistic, it sounds synthetic ;-). The expression is good, velocity sensitivity and aftertouch. They are suitable to the style of my productions, electro / techno. The effects are not all effective. I uses only three (EQ, Compressor and ISOLATOR after is a matter of taste) and mainly on the rhythm part. I love tweaking patches, there are so many possibilities with four layers independently configurable patch.


I use this machine for 2 years, what I like most is:
- GRAB the order to balance the effects
- The 4 assignable fader on the screen to fiddle with the sounds, effects and the arpeggiator
- How the fader "turntable" to drive the BPM and pitch (you can calibrate the tempo with another sound source)
- The "pattern call", it allows you to assign patterns to the pads (to live)

The value for money is interesting for a used machine at around 300 euros. This choice I would do without hesitation and I recommend this machine for several reasons:
- The possibility to compose songs with this one machine (the essence groovebox)
- Variety of sounds
- Handling ultra intuitive
- Purpose of the machine live
le mutan ki parle russe07/14/2006

le mutan ki parle russe's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland MC-307
A lot of sounds it's true
IN and OUT connectors
effects are exellent!
the sequencer roland ... a bit unfortunate because the fixed real-time editing would have made the legendary groovebox.


Simple, but it must return ds menus and sub menus and then go down to find the right parameter pr ........ live is a bit painful! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Where it kills the machine it was designed to be so easy to edit, so we created patterns on the fly, the patches can be saved in two clicks ... tt is super simple, too bad it looks at Roland for editing in real-time sequencer.
Apart from the killings that have the concept to integrate a multi effects groovebox. The four knobs next to the main screen, can tirurer effects like a rack, or other groovebox has cut the knobs off and the resonance mc307 can tamper the heart effects, and account 25! (Flanger, phaser, delay ....) this configuration allows to go far in the compos!


With my sound at least it's not even the top 303 !!................. offered more punch .... it tends to rise quickly treble ds ........

except the branches of average wall quality, rendered on a sound I make qd k7 is exellent! the sound is clear, sharp and clear! GENIAL


Not bad, but this is a fixed sequencer killing !!!!! I found the solution is to synchronize with a korg ESX1 EMX1 or to roll the drums kits and restore heat to kick on this Bécanne sometimes lacks.

In summary this groove allows me to go much further than a mc303, mc505, rm1x ..... Each one of these machines to its utilities .... but for the mc307 MIDI sync is flawless while rm1x, mrr, and in Slavic mc303 testicle a little!

Bernix's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland MC-307
The connection is sufficient for the job ...
The sounds are using (DJing, tekno, lctro ...)
The effects are sufficient to use live, the effect processors are effective. A good place for the function GRAB.
The sequencer is complete: it allows you to enter notes by intermdiaire an external keyboard or by that of the MC307) and can quickly Faie an instrument. We can edit the vnement prs to refine the work (what Roland squenceur ...).


The configuration is complte. It is not simple: browse the job rgulirement mde before his back.
The only ngatif when flying time is rel-mute function I prfre the RM1x for a, it allows to mute a track in a single manipulation. Alternatively, you can work around this default by the use of PHI.
The highlight is that the keyboard can be used as well call patterns (PATTERN SET), have APRS assign it to those keys. Say to reproduction LIVE plenty to do !!!!!
By the way, I think it's a good machine trs. It has something complter a LIVE performance by a DJ instrumentals personal synthse engine, offers the know-how Roland, who adj proven, and the sequencer. We can discuss the ergonomics of the MC307 rapprt by that of the MC505 or MC303 or RM1x. Some say it is less than the MC505 LIVE (or other): I can tell you that with this machine you can do the same thing with a MC505. Y amme I know some who do nothing but move randomly on their faders MC505 without knowing what they do "synthetic" speaking.


Music electro, HipHop, Tekno, D & B, etc. ....
non ..
Effective ...
Suffisment ...
Sounds snths sounds effective, there are few acoustic instruments (piano for example) in an instrument well s'intgrent acidjazz example ..


2 years;
Good capacity of the sequencer, enough to take in the breath audioire for hours and hours ...
RM1x, XL7, MC303, MC505 ....
Trs good rpport Q / P. ..

badrien100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland MC-307
2 out (left right)

MUCH MUCH of the type of all

Yes, rev + delay + multi block

Ben a 7 track sequencer and synth rhythm track 8


A little at the beginning cho (APRS roland. ....) but will ...

THE PITCH PLATINUM VERSION OF BALLLLLLL with two other decks ... it's really the point for

which I had bought this machine! It is a good machine all do! ! ! !

Once you have the hand ... c really nice

NICKEL MANUAL! ! ! take such other manufacturer!



Not too realistic .. but this is as its goal either! ! for tek / core / minimal c ok! !

Fun fact, nothing more

Expression not top ...

Ben rhythm section and really bine I find the bass too, the lead too ... not really a good machine c, despite its "Toy"


6 months

+ THE PITCH platinum version

Sub-sub-menu and recording "roland"

Trs good value q / p, especially OCCAZ 300 euros! !


mostros's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland MC-307
Connectors MIDI IN / OUT
Stereo 6.5mm jack out 2
6.5mm headphone output

Qq complaint: no headphone volume
seuleument pair input / output unlike the 505


Get started fast trs
Conviviality of the machine, s'clate REALLY!
Entire machine is a hand, I used it alone!
Midi also very easy to ACCS!

The tt in a manual is not exhaustive but very practical and I vs franais please!


Varis rather, they are really suitable for any style of music! (More testing hip hop, techno, metal, ...)
In addition, the Roland sounds, a personal point of view, are also suitable for trs big sound. I used it mainly for the hardcore ...


Trs-friendly machine in the sense that once it is programmed tt simply takes his foot playing and touching live normment function.

Having tried a roland 505, 303, yamaha rm1x, year 2000 ,.... are other machines of the same type. I think it's a condensed qq so the MC505 stroke even more function to format Reduces.
I therefore advise anyone wishing to make an investment for beginners in the world of electro musik without having much knowledge Musikal.

So I t convinced by the MC307, but I devote myself to sell the musik informatik avc addition of MIDI controller, which gives me more gde pallet of possibilities to express my imagination.

Narsh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Roland MC-307
All t adj said on Previous opinion, do not bother to return it.
To add a little thing let's just say that t have audio output supplmentaire enjoyable, good moo ....


A manual-haired, intuitive and easy to ACCS main functions, the 307 is a machine that will take in hand without too much difficulty. She kept the key benefits of its big brother, the MC-505, namoins, with less function accessed directly in hardware, the Systm is composed of the 307 menu, sub menu, sub-sub menu, can make ki rglages sometimes a bit long but nothing dramatic. The system is well thought out and if it is easy to find, no galre to copy / paste, delete or modify pieces give a real-time recording, we control everything relatively quickly.


The sounds are warm, clean, enough work (in fact Roland trs) and gnrateur is powerful enough to explore the terrain well beyond the factory sounds.
It has more than 505 sound bank and is powerful enough to suit any live set, the Roland arpegiator is excellent and the switch "Grab" is trs apprciable live
TOC bad points, the master effect is not transcendent, the effects of lack of powers and characters, and the small number of knob slightly reduces the potential live.


In the end I would say it's a good little machine, it will accompany your live without flinching (condition well in advance prparer its patterns as given its limitations is that ds modif make in real time), easy to use and versatile, it is a good investment for the DSIR novices acqurir of stuff easy to handle and with which we have fun even after one year s (cons, 900 new, I find a CHRE for this machine, A model used around 400 will be a good qualitprix)