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Mesa Boogie Guitar Amp Heads reviews

  • Small Amp Delivers To The Max!

    Small Amp Delivers To The Max! - Mesa Boogie Mini Rectifier Review


    We are living in an era of miniaturization, and guitar amp manufacturers aren't an exception. Many of them already offer compact amps and now Mesa Boogie presents its second small sized (and with reduced output power) amp head. Let's see if the Californian brand still sounds as proud!

  • A Transatlantic Trip

    A Transatlantic Trip - Mesa Boogie Transatlantic TA-15 Review


    We have recently seen the birth of some tube amp heads for electric guitars sporting a reduced size and weight, such as the Vox Night Train. This amp head format allows guitarists to enjoy their sound without breaking their back lugging gear to and fro. So now it is Mesa Boogie's turn to launch its own portable version of a tube amp head, the Tra…