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  • Koch Dummybox Home

    Koch Dummybox Home - " The aptly named"


    Load box for tube amps under 8ohm 60w max. Possibility of getting out of an attenuated signal 95, 97 or 99% on a HP of any impedance (monitor). A line level output format Jack (6.35 and 3.5) or RCA with switchable HP emulation. Lightweight but se…

  • Koch Dummybox Studio/PA

    Koch Dummybox Studio/PA - " Excellent"


    DI + power attenuator by Koch 1 XLR input 1 switch + Lift / Gnd to remove the ringing associated with the earth 1 switch on / off with one switch emulation voicing the position of the microphone is taken in the axis or on the side and 1 switch em…

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - " Save your neighborly relations"


    I use it since 2008. I bought a VOX AC H1TV. I got totally fooled by the power of the amp. Can not do without like cruncher as to vibrate the walls. So I had to find a solution. I have not tried other models. there is a version 16 ohms and one 8 …

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - Mark Twang's review


    Koch offers us a box of tricks which innovates in the world of direct box: it is an all in one particularly attractive characteristics. It's simple: the paper is simply indispensable tool for users of tube amp. - Dummy load: dummy load allows …

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - TycoTyco's review


    Look "retro" and "tough" and when you take a look inside: it's serious ... S manual in <strong>French</strong> on this link: http://www.fillingdistribution.com/ And now everything is clear ... The initial sound is <strong>really conserved</s…

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - Ironie's review


    Attenuator / dummy box analog rack by adding a power (the fan is already in, but not food, fortunately we do not need rack when not!). Headphone out, line and XLR input jack. A speaker simulation or 1x12 4x12 to choose. Choosing the position of t…

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - Berzin's review


    Everything has been said. A rather unfortunate thing is the mitigation system. A rotary switch would be easier to use a series of outputs (100%, 40%, 15 %...) Too bad we can not also change the input impedance. Otherwise, no complaints, solid …

  • Koch LB120-Loadbox II

    Koch LB120-Loadbox II - reybtom's review


    See the opinion below This is the most comprehensive Dummy Box / Attenuators Archi simple, and you plug it work The sound of my amp (Mesa DC-5 Head) is very well respected for the part and the output attenuator simulator HP is very good, plen…