Koch LB120-Loadbox II
Koch LB120-Loadbox II

LB120-Loadbox II, Guitar Power Attenuator from Koch.

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Berzin 04/27/2008

Koch LB120-Loadbox II : Berzin's user review


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Everything has been said.
A rather unfortunate thing is the mitigation system. A rotary switch would be easier to use a series of outputs (100%, 40%, 15 %...)
Too bad we can not also change the input impedance.

Otherwise, no complaints, solid construction, it is quite comprehensive and it does not heat.

No problem. It's easy to see how it works. It is still advised to read the manual (comprehensive) to make no nonsense and slam the amp head. He does not know French, but everyone can not be grown and then the books, it often speaks Portuguese.

The machine is very transparent. He does not eat the treble and the dynamics, like so many attenuators. on the other hand, although it does not heat, I have some doubt about its ability to collect 120 w. I took the test (120 head thoroughly, thoroughly mitigation, he did not, he was producing strange sounds. But this is not the goal. Most of the time, simply reduce to 40, 15% have an excellent sound. Otherwise, to change the amp.

Without reaching the quality of a microphone before the hp, the output is excellent emulated. I use it often transplanted to the stage. More feedback problem and I am confident that the audience does not perceive the slight loss of quality compared to a microphone.

I use it for a year and a half. It's expensive, but it's very solid and it has a line out, emulated output and this is Loudbox. No need to practice then. Since I have, I wonder how I managed to do without it. This is an accessory that is needed quickly. If we could change the impedance as the Marshall (but who eats the sound), it would be the total growing stock.