Koch LB120-Loadbox II
Koch LB120-Loadbox II

LB120-Loadbox II, Guitar Power Attenuator from Koch.

Ironie 02/04/2009

Koch LB120-Loadbox II : Ironie's user review


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Attenuator / dummy box analog rack by adding a power (the fan is already in, but not food, fortunately we do not need rack when not!).
Headphone out, line and XLR input jack.
A speaker simulation or 1x12 4x12 to choose. Choosing the position of the microphone (either right or diagonally).
Too bad that the impedance is fixed, fortunately my two amps are 16 ohms!

Manual in English, I almost make a connection error the day I received it, thankfully a friend has turned me, I do not know what were the consequences, but otherwise it is very simple as it know where the exit is and where is the entrance).

I do not use that loadbox, connected to a mixer. The sound is simply stunning, never heard my two amps sound as well as with this device! (I've never been able to push as thoroughly as we should say;)). Mini flat for the headphone output is not as good as the output on a table, better plug your headphones into the headphone output of the table if one has a! But it still helps out at 3 am 'in the apartment' when no mixing desk!

I use a Peavey Classic 30 and an Orange Tiny Terror. For concerts I take only the small Orange in its carrying case and shoulder strap I put in my bag loadbox the guitar is very easy to transport, to the sound that can be drawn is a great setup!
Sure, on paper from a Pod or other simulation / preamp with 20 amp models and it does not effect the weight, especially considering the price, but when has an amp lamp is inimitable sound, I much prefer playing with loadbox with a cabinet because I can edit sounds better.
I plug all these people in my mixer and my PC, we get a quick sound of professional recording! And all this with headphones or low volume!
I bought used on this site for € 250 on the advice of a member of a rival forum, since I have noticed a renewed interest in this material, there is evidence 3 months (date when I bought it) there were 3 ads for selling this equipment, there are now two ads of people looking to buy a new one! I think it had to the fact that this material was too little known but it appears in voice rehabilitation.
I would look to acquire one second because I can not connect my two amps simultaneously on my loadbox only, through an AB / Box to play on both at the same time this should be a treat! But the ads are becoming rare as previously stated, we must be patient.
A set of all the hands of enthusiasts gear!

PS: For use in attenuator, do not forget to use a speaker cable between the amp and loadbox and between loadbox and baffle.