Koch LB120-Loadbox II
Koch LB120-Loadbox II

LB120-Loadbox II, Guitar Power Attenuator from Koch.

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mortimer Valla 12/18/2012

Koch LB120-Loadbox II : mortimer Valla's user review

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I use it since 2008. I bought a VOX AC H1TV. I got totally fooled by the power of the amp. Can not do without like cruncher as to vibrate the walls. So I had to find a solution.
I have not tried other models.
there is a version 16 ohms and one 8 ohms. On the device include:
direct output section: amp simulation (with two types of micro orientation and 2 types of firm) / pure DI (0-10db) / headset with volume (which I do not utlise ...)
a section for output on a second HP (note the sum of the resistances) and
6 attenuation levels available: 100% - 40% - 15% - 5% - 2% - 1%. I usually use between 15 and 5% (note I'm pretty well insulated home). 1% it seems to me that the sound of the amp is still a bit distorted.
What I like most: ease of use, the possibility of having a second output with speaker simulation (I made a decision on the HP amp with a SM57 and a socket with the simulation) j ' records often both.
what I like least: having to unplug the amp to change the level of reduction.
value for money seems to me excellent because it is clearly a machine built to last. plastoc not cheap by any metal is very heavy.