Koch LB120-Loadbox II
Koch LB120-Loadbox II

LB120-Loadbox II, Guitar Power Attenuator from Koch.

reybtom 03/20/2007

Koch LB120-Loadbox II : reybtom's user review


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This is the most comprehensive Dummy Box / Attenuators

Archi simple, and you plug it work

The sound of my amp (Mesa DC-5 Head) is very well respected for the part and the output attenuator simulator HP is very good, plenty good enough to record demos

I've had a few weeks
By far the best attenuators and also much more than that. The sound is very transparent, the number of outputs allows many connection and the simulator output with HP's settings and angle of the microphone body 1 or 4 HP bluff is made
I bought it new less than 350 euros on the web and at that price the quality / price ratio is perfect
Remains to be seen wearing the lamps in use. One can also regret that it is not multi-impedance, but if you are on to keep his amp head for a while, it's not a concern