Koch Dummybox Home
Koch Dummybox Home

Dummybox Home, Guitar Power Attenuator from Koch.

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pic&pulse 04/01/2013

Koch Dummybox Home : pic&pulse's user review

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Load box for tube amps under 8ohm 60w max. Possibility of getting out of an attenuated signal 95, 97 or 99% on a HP of any impedance (monitor).
A line level output format Jack (6.35 and 3.5) or RCA with switchable HP emulation.
Lightweight but serious.

Typically a tool to use in a home studio to recover the signal of a tube amp taking full advantage of the power section. I use two amps 50w no worries, it does not heat and the amps have not slammed ...
Line output provides adjustments emulation: off or on, with 1x12 or 4x12 the choice, and in micro-axis or off-axis. Specifically, it allows you to adjust a little bass response and treble. There is no volume control and the output level is very high when pushing the amp thoroughly. There must be a serious table or make a volume box if you do not want to blow ballast input stages a little weaklings.
HP emulation is correct and widely usable working equalization. Compared to Palmer PDI09 is a little less punchy, it's a different color, softer.

Monitor output is very mild and gives a volume of lively conversation with the volume up on the amp. In the middle, you can play in an apartment without the neighbors do not hear you. on the other hand, these attenuation levels, do not expect to find the same in its true. It is much more compressed, less body, but it allows its settings to side and take pleasure in twisting the power tubes.

I use this box to get rid of the sound of my untreated room and I spend microphone recording. Cheap, it has a load box, speaker emulation and a small attenuator, and it looks good service.
I valid.