Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800

M1 Marshall JCM800, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Amt Electronics in the Legend Amps series.

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hashinoko 01/22/2013

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800 : hashinoko's user review

«  Cold and unusable to prevent »

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Effect pedal or preamp voicing JCM800
Equa 3 bands, volume, gain

Mode preamp is on paper, nice.


Easy to use but average equation and gain ubiquitous


mode effects pedal (frontage or effects loop) is UGLY. Honeycomb, cold, too much gain, impossible to have a crunch

I tested it with a Laney VC15 and a Yamaha THR10.

Mode preamp (VC15) is a bit better (less bad) but it is little exploitable apartment because it directly addresses the power (not dosed for a cool sound at low volume because the equation of the amp does not work anymore (logical!))

on THR10 mode effects pedal is just horrible. However, this little wonder accepts pedals very well ...


Never really been able to use since it is poor.
I appreciate the principle mode "preamp" ...
I tested a lot of distortion pedal and I almost always been disappointed (apart from the Satchurator VOX, not bad)

To summarize:

- Mode preamp with tube amps: quite ugly, too much volume, gain and too cold

- Mode effects pedal in tube amp / transistor: throw it out the window.

Bought blindly on the net because occaz good advice in general, I would not.