Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800

M1 Marshall JCM800, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Amt Electronics in the Legend Amps series.

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All user reviews for the Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800

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Average Score:3.8( 3.8/5 based on 11 reviews )
 4 reviews36 %
 3 reviews27 %
 1 user review9 %
 2 reviews18 %
Value For Money : Excellent

iamqman's review"Legendary series trash"

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
I know these Legendary Series pedal are supposed to be preamps used in an effects loop. This review is based off of running in front of an amp like most pedals are intended.

This pedal is attempting to sound like a JCM 800 tone but it comes up way too short. At best it is a lousy Boss pedal tonal look a like. This unit sounds so bad through any amp. AMT has many good sounding pedals and this is not one of them.

- The AMT Legend Amp Series guitar pedals provide excellent dynamics, nuances, and characteristics similar to that of tube driven amplifiers.
- Tube-like range of volume control provides great sound density, playability, and power when playing at full volume and also in conjunction with your guitars volume knob.
- TRUE BYPASS. The preamps of the Legend Amp Series pedals use passive true bypass circuitry, therefore no loss of guitar signal is noticed in your pedal chain. Similar to if no pedal was there at all when bypassed.
- Features high level of output signal (+10dB in extreme position of Level knob) corresponds to the output levels similar of tube preamps. Thus, you have adjustable signal level allowing to hook up your preamp AND direct input of a power amplifier.
- Controls include LEVEL, GAIN, LOW, MID, and HIGH.
- TWO signal outputs: DIRECT AMPLIFIER OUT for guitar amplifier use and CAB SIMULATION OUT for mixer, or studio use.
- Power saving mode. When the speaker simulation output jack is not in use, the pedal automatically switches to power saving mode. Current consumption (from 9V power unit) is less than 6mÀ (in power saving mode it drops to 4mÀ).


This pedal is easy to use with only five control knobs. The tone from this pedal is just terrible! I wouldn't play this pedal if you paid me.

There is nothing to this pedal as it has the basic EQ controls with high mids and lows. The levels and gain are the other standard controls as you see on most distortion boxes.

There is no need of a manual as no preparation will get you able to make this box sound good.


This pedal is better suited to stay with AMT then for it to make an appearance on anyone's pedal board. I hate the way this thing sounds. It tries to be a Marshall JCM 800. It doesn't really matter which guitar or amp you play with it, it is going to sound bad. If you get this pedal free somewhere and you have to try it then I would use a humbucker style guitar because with single coils it sounds its worst. It is very thin and the tone is brittle. Unlike most AMT pedals this one sounds exactly like a pedal and nothing like an amp.


This pedal is garbage and you would be better off never owning it. It doesn't sound anything like a Marshall JCM 800. I'm sure there will be people who say it is amazing and great but take it from me a guy who has owned several JCM 800 from various sounds nothing like one.

I would not recommend this pedal to anyone. Save up a few more bucks and buy a used real JCM 800. The price is around $130 new which is in the high end for AMT

thepierrot's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Empowered!"

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Distorsition pedal / preamp.
Input / output jack


Quite high but easy to quickly adjust volume


lots of character! A distortion that leaves no one indifferent!


This little box is extremely powerful! I use it for a year and a half, this purchase is a positive real discovery! Reliable, powerful, distortion of this nature is now essential on my pedalboard!

milenko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"AMT M1, a typical Marshall preamp rocks!"

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Well, do short: AMT M1 is a preamp pedal MXR format, using JFET technology.

Read PREAMP well, eh? So it is made to plug into a PowerAMP, not in front of an amp / preamp else!
That said, it is possible to still use the front panel, using the output cabinet simulator, and the results are drinking on a clear sound.
Connectivity simple and complete: input, direct output (for connecting to a return of PowerAMP or effects loop), cabinet simulator (for plugging in directly into a console, or in front of an amp for the more adventurous).
Detail: the M1 requires a 9V DC power (12V, it is even better), at an intensity of 6 mA (not greedy), negative center ... or a traditional 9V ^ ^.
Cosmetic level / strength, the pedal is well built, the switch is very strong and soft, the paint is good quality.
The interior is in the same vein: the circuit board is very clean, the interior as well as exterior machined.

Little bonus at the end: the pedal is Made in Russia, made in the city of Omsk, West Siberia ^ ^. It is even signed by its designers, gentlemen Kampf Marichev and Chernyaev. Long live the eternal Russia!
На Здоровие!


The general configuration could not be more simple: three knobs for EQ (bass, mid, treble), 1 volume knob, 1 gain knob.
I never looked at the manual, we do not really need.
It is very, very easy to find beautiful sounds: just dose level gain, restore volume, then even according to his tastes. The knobs are very effective.


The guys at AMT us understand that the AMT M1 is a simulation Marshall JCM800.
Never having tried a JCM800, I could not tell you if this is true, but what is certain is that this pedal sounds really good.
Contrary to what some have said before, the AMT M1 gives warm tones, full and dense. It responds well to volume knob on the guitar, and shines with its beautiful dynamic. The resulting sounds are really realistic sounds like a real amp, this is clearly not a gadget digital sounds "squeaking" (Notice to manufacturers cheap multi-effects).
In addition, the pedal has a good versatility, allowing the clean sweep a bit dirty, good bass distortion almost hard rock metal (depending on your mics, obviously).
The best big crunch sounds were very powerful, or the powerful distortions Rage Against The Machine. Obviously, cleans and high gain distortions were less convincing.
Note that the AMT M1 gives the best of itself in DC 12V power: the sounds are more vivid, fuller, with a little more dynamic. But it already sounds very well 9V.
So I do not absolutely negative reviews may have had this wonderful pedal. Either people do not connect, or they do not know a preamp plugs before PowerAMP (and not another preamp!), Or they do not know a pedal set with 5 knobs, or they have a defective model ...

3 chainings I used most often:
- Guitar = AMT M1 preamp direct out = PowerAMP Brunetti Rockit = Orange PPC112 V30, the sound was excellent, one of the best Marshall sounds I could have at home!
- Guitar = AMT M1 preamp direct out = PowerAMP EHX 22 Caliber = Orange PPC112 V30, the sound was very good, a little less realistic than the Brunetti Rockit, but it gave already want to play all day ^ ^ .
- = Guitar preamp AMT M1 cab sim = Peavey Nano Valve, the sound was better than the distortion of Peavey Nano Valve, but it was a lot lower treble to the sound is correct. Somewhat expected given the speaker's tiny Peavey Nano Valve. I also tested in front of a Marshall MG15CDR and height of height: AMT M1 gives a better sound than the typical Marshall MG15CDR poor boy!

I used it with several different guitars: Vigier Excalibur Indus, Fender / Warmoth Telecaster NAS-Kotzen, Teisco Spectrocaster, Ibanez 540PII. It sounded great every time!


Since November 2011, I used it for 28 months.
I've used other preamps before M1: AMT P1 (good for metal / high gain modern), ENGL E530 (excellent, but it is a machine with a higher range) Damage Control Demonizer (a little disappointing this pedal).
What I love most: the sound quality, the realistic sounds, lovely crunch, manufacturing quality, small size, price, Made in Russia Omsk West Siberia.
What I like least: nothing.
The value is very good: 90 € new, used 50-60 €. Win this brand really be known.
Is what I would do this choice? Obviously yes!

NB: for practical reasons, I sold the AMT M1 (which I will miss), so I can buy AMT D2. Yes, I am in AMT!
However, I consider buying a M2 AMT.

hashinoko's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Cold and unusable to prevent"

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Effect pedal or preamp voicing JCM800
Equa 3 bands, volume, gain

Mode preamp is on paper, nice.


Easy to use but average equation and gain ubiquitous


mode effects pedal (frontage or effects loop) is UGLY. Honeycomb, cold, too much gain, impossible to have a crunch

I tested it with a Laney VC15 and a Yamaha THR10.

Mode preamp (VC15) is a bit better (less bad) but it is little exploitable apartment because it directly addresses the power (not dosed for a cool sound at low volume because the equation of the amp does not work anymore (logical!))

on THR10 mode effects pedal is just horrible. However, this little wonder accepts pedals very well ...


Never really been able to use since it is poor.
I appreciate the principle mode "preamp" ...
I tested a lot of distortion pedal and I almost always been disappointed (apart from the Satchurator VOX, not bad)

To summarize:

- Mode preamp with tube amps: quite ugly, too much volume, gain and too cold

- Mode effects pedal in tube amp / transistor: throw it out the window.

Bought blindly on the net because occaz good advice in general, I would not.

tyell59's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Avoid!"

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
already summarized.


already summarized.
No, not easy to get a sound out alive, warm, Marshall.


I tried it plugged into the PC and frankly, the sound is tight, difficult to exploit. Not natural at all.
In "pedal" between classical guitar and the amp is unusable, but it is not designed for.
In preamp into the amp in the effects loop via the return is not too bad, but it is not conclusive vaiment, especially at high volume, or is it just loud and aggressive. What transform into a tube amp amplifier transistor!
And it is not practical.
12V, the sound is thicker, less synthetic, but it is far from marshall sound.


The pedal worked an evening. As I bought OCCAZ, as saying that I paid 50 € a green box now unnecessary clutter a drawer.
This is price to pay. ok ... bad luck.

However, without it, I would have sold quickly. I was looking for a Marshall that Slash to be more precise, and I was very disappointed. That is to buy without trying, relying solely on a description misleading.
The sound is poor and most components are bad quality.
This is the first pedal that lets me go!

I think it is a mark "cardboard" to avoid ...

poiureza's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" hmm ..."

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800






This is the V1 that I purchased on eBay Live a Russian dealer in order to use it live without a guitar amp.

I am not convinced. It sounds very close to the Tech21 Sansamp I already had (and sold) in the past. Not bad but not great either.
I've never been able to reproduce sounds very convincing found on Youtube.

I tested several configs:
- Normal exit -> FX return of my tube amp = very good sound
- HP simulation output -> the PC sound card = not great, a bit garish / weakling
- As distortion pedal in front of a guitar amp = bad in all cases but it was predictable
- Normal exit -> transistor bass amp = not good
- HP simulation output -> transistor bass amp = ok

Then I tested with two different transformers: 9V to 12V
At 12 volts the sound is better in all scenarios. Larger, more punchy and closer to a true prémpli. It's not day and night either huh, but it still stands out.

I used it for three rehearsals since my purchase, I do not know if I will keep. I will update this advisory

I urge you to try it in your config planned before buying.

gobo's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" marshall in a box"

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Entrance, exit classical output with speaker simulation ... Otherwise an equa (low, mid, treble) output level and gain ...


Very easy to use. Although set according to the instrument since it renders very well the characteristics of your guitar. The gain level can interact with the EQ ... A test.


I wanted a machine that has riffs ... I'm thrilled. Tested with my Washburn WI66 Pro (typed lespaul) and Eric Johnson Stratocaster. You only have one wish ... Do not stop. Hype live my laney 10 This cub M1 turns my combo a little monster. Note espect it perfectly the instrument and the notes are all defined and audible ... No sound even with boiled agreements 4 / 5 notes and open strings ... Top to the rhythm, for it will lead I'm testing with a boost.


I have this pedal for a week ... It's short and a bit weak to give an opinion but it really does the job. For the price, if you want to send the riff and rhythmic, the M1 is a trying emergency.

Nekromen's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A good pedal .."

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Deja said.


The configuration is simple, no worries: 5 knobs.
Only regret: the high volume pot was condemned to remain a minimum or almost, if the sound is too loud for the rest no worries.


The grain of this pedal is really interesting, it leaves reflected the character of the guitar that was used and reacted very well to the nuances and the attack of your game compared to other pedals "beaten track".
Currently I plug in a Marshall mg 50 (pretty funny besides, you might say, an emulation for marshall amp marshall) and yes the sound of the pedal is much, much better than that of the amp (which I bitterly regretted the purchase for that matter).
We just go from light crunch to the distortion well pronounced (excluding metal grain super tight), I would say that the sound is quite dirty, but just right ...
This pedal made me rediscover my Danelectro.


I use it for 2 months and I am satisfied, I will ever buy this without hesitation. a little more expensive than average "accessible" for a distortion pedal but it is worth so much time!

houbavst's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Pedal type preamp / effect emulating a JCM 800 2 outputs a dry and a speaker simulation, Severe acute medium level gain Everything Made in Russia in Omsk. On the manual it says to leave it warm up before using it, but it applies to freezing temperatures!!


configuration very simple: plug. Play!


On a PC sound card, the output of HP emulation works wonders. sound is dense in the midrange gain range goes from light to nasty. Warning this is not a gain of 21 th century modern. is the 20th century. You can put another entry in effect: distortion, boost: it works.

On a tube amp: it has a new channel and a new amp for under 100 €: the sound is quite stunning dynamics and realism.
Setup: Start (microphones hepcat) / M1 TN Mesa DC5


I use it for two days: it is in my bracket, and longer. other overdrive pedals. distal rows are now quietly

to discover emergency

Froideval's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Amt Electronics M1 Marshall JCM800
Enough said! Preamp which simulates a Marshall JCM800. Can be used as a distortion pedal too.


Very simple!


I work in computer music (directly plugged into my line input of my sound card from my PC via the input Cab Sim).
The grain is beautiful. A little dull (lack a bit of gloss may be). For anyone who loves AC / DC is great!
She has good frequencies that do well in the mix.

Personally I can not use it for the solo ... it has no body to it. But it's great for power chords and other agreements saturated.

Here's a demo found on Youtube. It is really this:


For this price it's just amazing. I have a lot of preamps and I must say this is a really good product. I have the JCM900 combo and the resemblance is pretty realistic.

I will pay version Bogner!