Line 6 POD HD300
Line 6 POD HD300
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Line 6 POD HD300

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tjon901's review"Cheapest POD HD model"

Line 6 POD HD300
The HD300 is the lowest model in the Pod HD line. Even though it is the lowest model in the line it still has the exact same models that the higher end models have. The only differents is the user interface. This lack of user interface makes it a bit harder to use than the HD500. With the 300 and 400 you pretty much need to connect it to your computer and use the patch editor to make any decent patches. It comes with all of Line 6's HD amp models which there are now 22 of. When you first get the unit there are 16 models. This is a lot less than the 80 or so amps the Pod X3 came with but these amps are modeled in much more detail than those. If you are wondering if you should get this instead of the X3 just think quality vs quantity. The X3 can sound just as good but it will require much more tweaking and skill in your patch making.


Utilization is the weakest part of the 300 for me. For something this complex they really do not have that many controls. There is an unlabled 3 way mode switch which switches from amp mode to looper mode to patch mode. You will have to learn what each color indicates. These modes change the fuction of the buttons on the bottom face of the amp. There are dedicated amp eq controls and dedicated effects controls. There is a large expression pedal that can be switched from a wah to a volume pedal. There are plenty of outputs on the back, anything you would need for working in the studio. There is no on or off switch like on the XT you just plug it in which is kind of unnerving.


With only a fraction of the models of the outgoing POD units the detail in the modeling of these units is much better. It is easy to get a good raw amp sound from this unit. Me being a mostly heavy music player the low number of high gain amps is kind of disappointing but the models it has are good. The amp has all the classic amps modeled in it. The models I find myself using the most are the JCM 800, Bogner Uberschall, Mesa Dual Rectifier and ENGL Fireball. It has several old Fender blues amps. I just wish it had a Roland Jazz Chorus or something with a really pure clean sound. The amp models sound good but you pretty much have to use the computer based patch editor to make up the patches. The user interface on the unit is too cluttered and the tiny LED screen doesnt help as much. The big screens on the X3 and the HD500 are much better for creating more detailed patches on the unit.


If you are looking for a cheap way to have a good sound this is a good unit. It can be used lived with a PA or power amp and it is also great for just home studio stuff. Your first few days with it will be the toughest as you learn what all the functions do and make all your favorite sounding patches. With the 400 and 300 you pretty much have to use the computer based editor to make the patches because the screen on the unit is too small and awkward to use. If you just want the HD amp models and can edit everything on the computer there is really no point in getting the more expensive models because the amp models are exactly the same throughout the line.

starkitsh's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" magic box"

Line 6 POD HD300
POD HD 300 features ... see in bold.


relatively simple configuration provided grind the machine regularly.
the factory presets are used as filler ... nothing is good.
I have downloaded a hundred sounds on custometones of line 6 and changed my style.
editing via computer also facilitates the task clearly


knowing that I have paid 120 euros used a very nice girl ... I think the quality is the appointment (for 120 euros :-) ), easy and cheap solution that fits all conditions (live studio ...) as well as to all styles.
in this price range I do not know better, I have a preference for delays.


New 340 euros is not stolen but occasion ... must be jumped over, at the cost of DD6 boss, you are entitled to a portable studio.
I do not see any major flaw in this pedal, many critical coldness amps and the organic side distortions .. it's not really my case, I often add a touch of delay on the presets and the result for me strongly.
However, we must spend a lot of time on the machine to enjoy so impatient ...
I short, I 'm broke into the studio and I travel light
Vince Brooks10/01/2012

Vince Brooks's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"is the ball!"

Line 6 POD HD300
Everything has been said ...
The pedal is robust, comprehensive level of connectivity, it's just a shame not to have placed an on / off switch, but hey, this is not really necessary.


The general configuration is simple and intuitive (if one has already some experience in the field of multi-effects), which is why this product interested me because I'm not especially good for the programming, I'd rather spend my time playing ;-)
If you like hack, we may feel frustrated because it is not possible, for example, to quibble about the location of the microphone (you can also put one) or change the channel effects (eg you can not put two different overdrives one beside the other). In my case, it suited me, I do not look very complicated things and I think there are already enough to me to have fun. In addition, it allows you to quickly build a sound without getting lost in countless submenus.
As the manual downloadable from the Line6 site, it is very clear and sufficient (accessed for a little startup) and editing sounds is very simple, especially when using the appropriate software (I do not work for elsewhere without the software, it keeps me from going through the manual and have to do it by hand on the pedal).


So the most important sounds!
I use the POD primarily at home and it is directly connected to active speakers Behringer (and connected to the computer to edit the sounds with the software).
I also use it for rehearsals and concerts, and is then plugged directly into a mixer.
I did the update from its acquisition, so I enjoy include the 22 amp models instead of the 16 initially available, the Soldano and Plexi.
I mainly play with Ibanez Prestige RG 2620 and a U.S. Fender Strat modified with a Seymour Duncan SL59 at the bridge, but I now also the opportunity to play with a Gibson SG.
I knew the quality of the effects since I already had the excellent M13 that I bought to replace (not get rid of it!) Some of my favorite pedals I was using with my Fender Deluxe (mainly time and modulations).
Not surprisingly, almost all of these effects is there, with the same quality, and there are even some that I did not on my M13 (whose excellent vintage preamp).
I think overall the sounds are very good, as long as we know the first sound is desired, we know how to get there by manipulating the device, and we have proper equipment to amplify.
We must also accept that the report will be anyway very different than that obtained by listening to the sound coming from a tube amp, moreover if you play in front of the amp, but that it is transplanted by a microphone, Line 6 offering here the sound of an amp transplanted by a microphone.
I think I still have lots of things to discover with this device but I love playing with simulations and Hiwatt Twin for clean sounds, the JTM-45 and Park 75 for crunch, and Plexi Soldano for further satus, not to mention Dr. Z and Divided by 13, which have a very nice crunch brilliant ... I can not tell you if these simulations are close to the original models because I do not have, however it sounds and I find them pretty close to what I have in my ears when I listen to my favorite guitarists.
I am not come to a very convincing result with the Vox AC30 model for now (but maybe I am doing wrong that) and I do not use the Hi Gain amp because I 'm not too "metalheads".


I only use it for almost 2 months, but I waited three concerts (including two big scenes) and a relatively intensive use (I use it almost every day to play with me) to write a review.
Before the purchase, I used  Vox Tonelab SE (5-6 years ago) for a few months and the Pod 2.0, wich I reused ago shortly before I buy the HD300. There really is a world of difference between sounds with the old and the new Pod, it is hardly comparable ... The only interest Pod 1 is the fact that we sound a little "dated" you can not get with the new and can make their charm ;-)
I also had the opportunity to test some software like Guitar Rig 5 demo that I found really not bad until I bought my Pod.
But I mostly played for years before that on real amps, the last which is a Fender Deluxe U.S. with whom I made many rehearsals and a lot of concerts, and I used to complement the M13 with good overdrive pedals (Tubescreamer Ibanez, Fulltone OCD, MI Audio Crunchbox, ...).
Let;s be clear: my Pod HD300 never replace nor my Fender Deluxe or my good old analog pedals (which are beginning to dust).
In fact, I no longer have the palpitations I had with Fender, nor the fat and warmth of tubes... Basically, this is less ¨¨Rock&Roll ;-)
But for my needs (home recording, possibility of sound without disturbing the neighbors) and the many services it makes me (I no longer carry my big tube amp - heavy, bulky and fragile - I can move from one sound to another completely different without  tap dancing, I can do without my annoyed friends rehearsing musicians  because it is too loud, I can go to a jam with just a guitar and pedal , ...), I do not regret my purchase!
You just get used to hear yourself differently at reharsal or on stage (mainly in the back, but there are other solutions, especially if it is plugged into a Tech 21 Power Engine) and accept some small disadvantages of digital and this kind of system (it depends on a good rig - mixer, speakers, ... - and skills of the tec and then it is true that visually onstage, it is less  flashy than the guitarist who has his big stack behind him with a big pedalboard full of beautiful and expensive pedals ).
Finally, I think I never played so much  it since I got that gear, because I get off every time I use it ...
And for the price, frankly, it is unbeatable!!

alain0's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Great Awesome soon as we took over"

Line 6 POD HD300
16 amp simulations with simulations of their HP
Bogner ® Uberschall
Divided by 13 JRT 9 / 15
Dr. Z Route 66 ®
ENGL Fireball ® 100
Fender ® Bassman ®
Fender ® Blackface Deluxe Reverb ®
Fender ® Twin Reverb ®
Gibson ® EH-185
Hiwatt ® Custom 100 (DR103)
Marshall ® JCM-800 (2204)
Marshall ® JTM-45 MkII
Mesa / Boogie ® Dual Rectifier ®
Park 75
Supro ® S6616
Vox ® AC-15
Vox ® AC-30 (Top Boost)

Over 80 Line6 ffects from the M9 and M13.
4 effects simultaneously.
Looper 14 '

Technlogie HD

Memory settings (128 reset) and editable via USB

Guitar input jack auxiliary minijack +
Outputs: Stereo Amp Jack / XLR sono sono, L6 link


Configuration very simple.

Manual Clear and fairly well supplied. In English for now.

Editing sounds very simple (on the multi-effects or USB).

Switch Selection / looper very simple to use.

PA configuration with simulations or configure Live without simulations to connect directly to an amp.


Hyper realistic effects.
I ran a test: HD300 without tube amp simulations and simulations with HD300 sound. Difficult to distinguish in its clear. Cons into overdrive by the roar HD300 makes lamps when I put my amp distortion, which the simulation can not do as well (but we're not really far!).
Used: Fender Stratocaster, PRS.
The distortions are very well made pedal mode loudspeakers. Better than my ex-RP 500 Digitech home.
In simulations I like to take the amp Blackface Deluxe (I'm very Fender sounds). This is my favorite.
I do not hate any of the simulations, they are all very successful.
on the other hand I hate (everyone will tell you) Line6 sound settings, there are too many synth does it feel!


I have been using one week.

I tried and sold: Digitech GNX1, then the Vox Tonelab home, and finally the Digitech RP 500

Value for money excellent for the HD300. The HD500 is certainly more and in fact provides I / O but not my need, so I'm crazy.

I do not regret my choice (although I loved my Digitech RP 500, which is very convenient - the distortions and simulations of the HD300 are better).