Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
Tech 21 SansAmp Classic

SansAmp Classic, Guitar Amp Simulation Pedal from Tech 21 in the SansAmp series.

public price: $375 VAT
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All user reviews of 5/5 for the Tech 21 SansAmp Classic

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Average Score:4.8( 4.8/5 based on 5 reviews )
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thegoofisonfire's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
distortion / overdrivre / amp simulator to pr guitars AND basses lamps
any analog
true bypass
Hand-assembled in the USA

everything else has been said below


config is simple, but must be patient pr find her!!
if the potentiometer are intuitive and accessible, it's not something mm pr 8 small (microscopic) switches that are not obvious to handle with big fingers bassists ...


already owner of a SansAmp RBI pr my bass
I was looking for a distortion pedal / overdrive with a certain warmth and attack
the bass driver is simplified in preamp pedal format as I have already, I needed something slightly different QLQ pr out of the mix in distortion without losing too serious or be screaming like most distortion transistor
as every brand product SansAmp, plug in putting everything at noon, and it sounds already!!
QLQ hours and tests later, the sound is found and validated, a quality that exceeds most of the preamp ds mm price range and see those more expensive mm
choseque the only I can say is that you try pr realize the sound quality
only downside it would tend to blow if you push a little while!! So seulemnt 9/10


tried there is a 10n year to shop and convinced amazed by the efficiency of the stuff but not buy, considering the price, and my little means at the time.
I am satisfied in the meantime other pedals without having found the gem.
I stumbled by chance on this pedal ds converter cash at a price of 50 €, I asked to try it and there: mm slap it was 10 years! I purchased Banco!!
my little yellow pedal generated pr give way to this terrible tool!
I would do the c crystal clear mm purchase!

Jumikael's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A foot miracle"

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
This is primarily an analog amp simulator.
But it can also be a pedal overdrive / distortion very effective, or multi-use pedal that allows you to sculpt your sound.
Level simulations, the SansAmp imitates the sound Marshall (JCM 800), Fender (Twin Reverb), and Mesa Boogie. adjustments would (according to the manual) to approach a Vox AC30 amps and other well known.


Not easy at first, but quickly intuitive. Each setting has a real impact on the sound.

What the manual says:

. Switch on the side:
- LEAD: For the types of pre-amplifiers Marshall ®, with brightened midrange and treble.
- NORMAL: For the type of pre-amp Mesa Boogie ®, with a neutral EQ.
- BASS: For the type of pre-Fender ®. Excellent for rhythm guitar as well as for bass.

. Knobs:
- DRIVE PRESENCE Affects the contours of pre-amplifier in the mid-high. Set up a crunch sound.
- AMP DRIVE Acts on the contours of the power amplifier. Set up for a heavy distortion.
- OUTPUT Sets the overall output level.
- HIGH EQ Final Rule. Compensates for acute guitar amplifiers in concert.

. Tiny white switches:
# 1. Mid-Boost I
# 2. Mid-Boost II
# 3. Drive Low For The EQ pre-amps in the bass. When ON, it has a neutral frequency response. When OFF, it acts as a highpass filter. For a more portly, turn ON.
# 4. Clean Cleans Amp overdrive. Excellent for rhythmic sounds hatched.
# 5. Bright Switch Adds clarity (brightness) when the button "Amplifier Drive" is low. The best results are obtained when the button "Amplifier Drive" is half as there will be no effect if the maximum.
# 6. Vintage Tube Sound becomes more soft and warm.
# 7. Speaker Edge Adds to its presence.
# 8. Close miking Recreates the sound of a microphone placed near a speaker, and slightly enhances the bass.


I own the first edition of the SansAmp (no difference level sound).
I play for almost ten years. I had the opportunity to try many different hardware and I'm really passionate. I believe now have enough experience to give an opinion that is worth something:)
Little intro just sucks, but I find it necessary from what I read on the right and left on this product.

Well, now I can say this: The SansAmp is the best effect I've ever own and try it. Why the best?
- Because it is versatile preamp useful 'as in "simple" distortion pedal. Used as such, but rather add a channel to your amp as the crunch and distos ring true, and warm.
- It is a very creative tool. With a palette of sounds absolutely huge, full of different grains, plain, crunchy and full, full of subtle adjustments that make a huge difference, which ensures long time spent there, we get the sound we love . It's much more creative than a pod in the end, at least for me (even though I owned the HD) because the sound quality is this something that I have met anywhere else, except a few amps high quality, and that brings us even greater pleasure to play.
- Earlier, but here it is: a sound that pleases the ear, provided that refines the settings according to our conditions of play


I use it for 3 months.
I have owned many amps, a lot of effects. I could settle for that and my guitar if I had to make a choice.
My feeling is that I found a treasure, not because it is "vintage" or more product (besides, I do not understand it is no longer happening is absurd to deprive guitarists this jewel), but because I have never sounded better than the SansAmp, and I've never taken much pleasure in crushing effect.
A material that has a "soul")

SlapKid's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" This is truly the boss!"

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic
Analog milliamp consolidated ridiculous like 5, but with true bypass buffer (against losses on long trips), three basic sounds and 8 switches to change everything. Hello ...

Volume, tone, and very interesting, preamp and power amp drive drive. It therefore acts on the structure of sound, well seen.
Good output volume. Attention is therefore no equalizer we provide a (mixing desk) is succinct the settings found on a tube power amps (like deep / bright / resonance) are sufficient to approximations.
Before a clear channel already warm I did not miss serious with this pedal.


Nan. Not simple, it is better to have all his wits to set the machine. Once we have understood the main it becomes strangely intuitive, like clean-bright switch-low drive and the two knobs to drive.
This is the price for a versatility that I think will not be matched anytime soon.
We can all get with this machine, except the numetal (and again, with a V-back equalizer ...). It's really amazing because the precise grain exchange, not just the color.
What is funny is that there is so much to do with the mini switches that you forget the three basic variants (button on the side) ...

Beware, it is much simpler than a Rocktron Utopia and company. Time to open their manual and try to understand what is marked, you have found the exact sound you're looking for with the SansAmp ...


It's Dante! Whether clean, any slight crunch-supported, dynamic and hard rock music, solo singing, the machine types in the mile every time. Once we caught on the widget, which can take time especially if we do know that tube amps slab.
I would first sound of the first Queen, never found as good as SansAmp, both soft and precise musical singing, no fat.
Once completed this project I used the classic for ... my electroacoustic nylon, with a tranparent sound very high quality.
Is that unlike brand products, the classic lets you remove any simulation hp. To have two or more rendering vintage tubes for softness, etc..
It is a masterstroke, this gear.
Of course I have used over the years everywhere, and even as a channel full on a clean amp with lots of natural warmth and musicality.
2011 Update: Currently I use it as an interface between multi-effects time pre-modeling (as distos hybrid and a compressor) so clean, and loop back to 30w EL34 tube amp. The rendering is amazing, it's precision and clarity, therefore, set with bright clear sound without simultaneous hp. I do not know why I have not thought of before, which would have avoided the purchase of several multis that have never touched the expected result ... so it was enough to put the SansAmp in a row!
Anyway must combine the dip, this pedal is really like no other.


I am also gt2, though horrible in comparison (coarse chopped, synthetic, brr), which you must locate the classic ...
I would say the best use of classic equalizer is primarily a power-amp guitar columns, it is certainly the easiest to manage.
The Classic is exceptionally clean (fat only if you want it specifically) makes him a great choice for such a dirty amp fender twin and others. A Vox AC30 which is more class / own serious risk of missing the low-volume classic.

Reliability: the switch startup is mechanical, therefore likely to wear out. Mine is always impeccable, but as I have a SansAmp loop I did not jump on him constantly. Over the years of crachottements appear in the knobs, and some miniswitchs are desired from time to time, the spray tuner600 tactfully to remedy, however. Otherwise nada, no problem, it said.

Do not be fooled by the look of the machine, it's pro. The bassist also plays toto version of SansAmp Bass driver (right in the power amp low-column, nothing before either) for ages, and when we heard the animal ...

In short, if you like real music and natural sounds, drop your pods bursting with you on a classic ...
yann music10/14/2005

yann music's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Tech 21 SansAmp Classic






I tried quickly I'll tell you more later, but c of the ball this stuff ... the sound seems better or at least more realistic than a pod in the sense that it sounds less digital .... short very pleasant surprise and much less complicated to use than PODXT ds the sense there is no regulation of mob ... available only drawback is that a priori has a single switch for Inrush or not pedal which is great for live bp