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Guitar Cabinet Simulators user reviews

  • Hotone Audio OMNI IR

    Hotone Audio OMNI IR - "Authentic Sounding with a Wide Array of Guitar and Bass Cabinets" has images


    SOUND: The sound you produce (using the same gear) with a 1x12 cabinet as opposed to a 4x10 cabinet can be significantly different and particularly when comparing a Fender cabinet to a Marshall or MESA – each company has its own flair and uniqueness…

  • nUX Solid Studio IR & Power Amp Simulator

    nUX Solid Studio IR & Power Amp Simulator - "Economical Way for Direct Recording and PA/FRFR Playing"


    SOUND: You can sound completely different with the same guitar and pedals as you change up your cabinet, amp tubes and microphone/mic placement. Solid Studio offers 8 classic cab selections, three tube types, eight microphones and three different …

  • Amt Electronics Pangea CP-100

    Amt Electronics Pangea CP-100 - "Tiny, but mighty!"


    Context: I own a racked Two Notes Torpedo VM202. As I couldn’t find a used Torpedo C.A.B. for a bargain price (which shouldn’t come as a surprise considering the product’s high quality), I opted for this AMT which is an IR player allowing to acce…

  • Carl Martin Rock Bug

    Carl Martin Rock Bug - "True Analog Amp-Cab Simulation" has images


    SOUND: The Rock Bug is an amp-speaker simulator that has an incredibly authentic and analog sound. It offers two basic sounds or responses – an Open Cabinet and a Closed Cabinet. The open cabinet has similar properties to a Vox AC30 (a tighter and…

  • Palmer PGA 04

    Palmer PGA 04 - "Good to have in your tool box..."


    The Palmer PDI-04 also known as ADIG-LB (Analog Direct injection guitar-load box), is an analog speaker simulator/8 ohm load box. On the front you have controls for volume for the speaker simulated outs with it's bass and treble control, as well as a…

  • A/DA MicroCab

    A/DA MicroCab - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by solo84/translated from Audiofanzine FR) The Microcab is a fully analog guitar cabinet with mic simulation. Connect it like this: guitar > preamp > Microcab > line input (mixer, sound card, etc.) or power amp. The de…

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