mathieufrancis 10/16/2012

Palmer PDI 09 : mathieufrancis's user review

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HP simulator (3 possible settings)
Attenuator output -> attenuator careful not involved in the amplified signal (to be too good at this price!)

Side techno, ultra simple, robust and passive (ie without additional power supply).

Jack connectors to connect the amp head and speaker and line out XLR

In short, very simple, easy to lug around. I put 7/10, because the settings are limited but again, at this price ...

Already mentioned, it is very simple, lightweight, no need for manual but there is one that is clear.

Again, I put 8, not really customizable, but the ultra compact size allows it to take anywhere, and that's what we asked!

His side, well there is not wiggle, it's very good. Live the beast can be transplanted in the sound while keeping the sound of his amp, diffusion is the top for playing in bars or clubs that do not necessarily have real scene.

No more micro issues (investment, fall, feedback, ...).

I think there Mr Satriani who uses it and I also saw Christophe Godin play it live, is it enough to convince undecided??? In any case, it is a treat to mix, bass guitar and vocals to the console (when the same thing on a battery??).

I use it with an amp ENGL Powerball or preamp output AMT R1 (which is really a simulation of HP cardboard).

Small flat, the output level is low enough, it can eat a little home studio and dynamic, it's worth it to put a small preamp ass ... So, only 9/10!

I use this contraption for 3 years, I ordered it by chance because I could not find a good solution for the distribution of its small bar or live (no mic to dub guitar).

I love the simplicity (no need for power supply, live sound), small footprint (thank you for my back, in this world of gross or we leave the stack 50 kg it's good to see small things that sound) The sound quality and especially its unbeatable value for money.

I do not like, you can not configure much and the output level weakling.

Honestly, I do not know why there are still guys who do not have one!