SlapKid 04/06/2012

Palmer PDI 09 : SlapKid's user review

«  Class, but ... »

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passive line level or speaker, three simulation modes hp so no uncolored sound.
The level at the table is basically a microphone.
This is the kind of box that can make great service. No worries on my table that has the phantom power not triggerable, phew.

It's simple, BUT ...
line level, so no question of plugging a guitar or bass passive right in, or use a distortion pedal or one that is true bypass. Nothing is broken but the sound is coming out so super ugly.
Worse, some with non-true bypass pedals it goes not, the junction impedance is very sensitive to that injects.
I had noticed this phenomenon with the guitar harley di red, but less marked (it is active against).

I note therefore, the purpose of such a product is not to fuss especially live.

Once well-matched to the input, the sound that it is very classy, ​​and 3 variations cover all situations.
It's simple, compared to my ultra-Bebert g is as if we had removed a comforter in front of the columns ... bright mode at least.
Compared to my harley di red guitar is not as obvious, the sound is more natural anyway, less hard with palmer.

I did not notice any concern on the ground, unlike my redbox HK pro who snores when she sees a transformer in its vicinity.

So its top quality.

Ben, if I have to take that it will be the ultra-g, it is the only one that does everything well. I can be connected directly, with true bypass pedal, with or without simulated hp, from an output amplifier, noise-free signal and a hefty premium and stable. The sound is muted but fun anyway, and the price very nice.

The palmer I was disappointed by its limitations, but if you use the output of amplifier or preamp or even multi-effects it's all good.

Personally I need a di for any contingency, and that includes leaving with guitar distortion pedal and nothing more sometimes, so g is the ultra-imperial (solid and, since the time that I lug around).

The palmer is a beautiful object, I do not regret my purchase, I hope they have the same qualities with the practices of Bebert ...