HardBlues 01/12/2013

Palmer PDI 09 : HardBlues's user review


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Analog technology, passive.
A jack and an output jack to connect a speaker.
On the other side the XLR output to go to the sound card or the console.
Next settings:
- An attenuator 30, 15, 0 dB
- A cursor Lift gnd, which eliminates any hum from bad ground. Handy when you land in an unfamiliar room.
- A cursor Bright, Normal, Mellow to simulate different micro investments before a cabinet.


I use it out of my SansAmp PSA-1, and only in Home Studio.
It allows me to correct the side a little rough around the edges, especially on distos from Tech21.

I use it for a few weeks.
I chose after much reading on this site, without having tried other stuff, I also bought a AFien.

What I appreciate most is that embellishes the sound without turning.
What I like least is that it does not replace a real microphone jack with a really good sound engineer for the price (60 € OCCAZ)!