Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)

Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box), Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

Public price: $655 VAT
Bierrepc 08/03/2014

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box) : Bierrepc's user review

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I will not repeat the turn of the owner ...

I use the Torpedo with PodHD500.
I see full make big eyes ... Yes, yes you read that right.
In PodHD, what is interesting is that there are two types of simulations:
Was the
- Amp simulations (preamp + power amp)
- Pre amp simulations.
For my part, I take the simulation preamp that I am sending the Torpedo Mixer output via the effects loop before putting effects such as reverb or delay.
In the Torpedo, I no longer have to choose the type of amp. In general, I take the Class A amps that allow me to not have to settle presence.
After I chose the speakerphone, microphone and its placement, I made my little sauce in the EQ, I made the gaffe input gain and output and I just play.

I also have pedals BlackStar, but I would need a noise gate to good use and with time, I do not see too many differences between these small boxes and PODHD both Torpedo CAB is effective.
To erase a maximum digital sound effect at the PodHD, I put between the POD and the Sound Card, a Behringer UltraGain2200.

For the bass, I have a preamp Eden WTDI I plug directly into the Torpedo.
I generally use simulation Hartke 4x10 "which is gorgeous and has more bass (I think) that the simulated Ampeg 8x10", while having more punch.