Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)
Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box)

Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box), Guitar Cabinet Simulator from Two Notes Audio Engineering in the Torpedo series.

Public price: $655 VAT
djemass 12/06/2012

Two Notes Audio Engineering Torpedo C.A.B. (Cabinets in A Box) : djemass's user review

«  Super good bike. »

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Well it is already known. HP simulator and power amp.
But it is super simple

It's super easy and intuitive. The usb socket allows you to connect to a computer and control the device via editing software super simple and intuitive. That's good. Kif is the ability to use third impulses, and I think the result is even better!

Frankly it's great. Simus the baffle are great, but I prefer to use third impulses (eg Redwirez). Experimenting it becomes a killing. With software like mixir2, you can mix several impulses together and have a sound more like an amp in a room. For example, with Mixir2 of Redwirez, you take a cab Redwire and mixes you one impulse of Axis SM57 is a R121, an IR impedance, one microphone ambience and another microphone jack at the rear of speaker, and it sounds serious!

Or like me you tonematches sound recording and you make an impulse from it.

Another point, the simulator power amp is also great if you are using a preamp only.

Short but good, and price is good more

Used for a few months, good value for those who like a sound recording top.

Super choice