DOD FX69 Grunge

DOD FX69 Grunge

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FX69 Grunge, Distortion from DOD.

22 user reviews
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DOD FX69 Grunge tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: DOD
  • Model: FX69 Grunge
  • Category: Distortions
  • Added in our database on: 04/19/2004

Introduced in Summer 1993, the DOD FX69 Grunge shared the same basic circuit as the FX70 Metal X (FX70X), but was voiced as a high-gain fuzz pedal. The FX69 was also notable as the first of many DOD pedals with non-intuitive control names (see below). The FX69 sold well, paving the way for less commercially viable products such as the FX33 Buzz Box, but was ultimately replaced by the final-series FX69B in 1998.

  • Controls: Loud (level), Butt (low eq), Face (hi eq), Grunge (distortion)
  • From the manual: "The FX69 Grunge is a hypercharged high-gain pre-amp so nasty and so heavy, it'll have your bandmates screaming for mercy. Even its distortion is distorted. ... This is the kind of high-gain distortion that allows notes to sustain into infinity, simulating the distortion of a guitar amplifier turned up to eleven - wait... no twelve -, clipping the signal and causing distortion. One of the advantages of using a pedal-type distortion like the FX69 is that big, heavy distortion can be produced at any amplifier volume or setting."
  • Sample settings (scanned from the user manual)
  • Historical context: One of the side effects of the increased popularity of "grunge" music in the early 1990s was a renewed interest in guitar effects pedals, with the band Mudhoney even naming an EP after their two favorite fuzz boxes ("Superfuzz Bigmuff"). With the subsequent mainstream success of Seattle bands like Nirvana, Soundgarden, and Pearl Jam, the marketing department at DOD Electronics seized the moment by naming their new fuzz pedal the "Grunge" pedal. Its instruction manual included sample settings for Melvins, Accused, Napalm Death, and "Territorial Pissings" sounds.

Among notable "grunge" artists, only Kurt Cobain of Nirvana "used" a Grunge pedal, at MTV's "Live and Loud" broadcast (Dec. 13, 1993, Pier 48, Seattle). However, it was a "complete joke", with Kurt subsequently throwing it into the crowd on some accounts. Kurt never used the FX69 live or in the studio, instead favoring Boss DS-1 and DS-2 distortion pedals. Despite the lack of a strong connection to "grunge" music, a DOD FX69 Grunge pedal resides in a display case in the "Northwest Passage" wing of the Experience Music Project in Seattle, just down the hall from Mudhoney's eponymous Superfuzz and Big Muff pedals.

  • Technical info:


  • Notable IC chips: three 4558-type op-amps
  • Component-side circuitboard image: May 1993
  • Related circuits: FX70 Metal X, FX70C, FX33 (loosely based)


  • FX heritage: FX69 FX69B

DOD FX69 Grunge user reviews

Average Score:3.9( 3.9/5 based on 22 reviews )
 12 reviews55 %
 2 reviews9 %
 4 reviews18 %
 1 user review5 %
 3 reviews14 %
Value For Money :

MGR/Josh's review"DOD FX69B Grunge Distortion"

DOD FX69 Grunge
i paid $24.99 for this at musicians friend. I bought it because i liked the samples.

everything. this pedal is awesome. great for metal not sure on punk rock but ive heard rumors. alot of people say this pedal sucks. they are dumbasses.


like all dods, awesome. its pretty heavy and like all metal except for the button.

if your thinkin about it buy. but if you want really heavy metal pedal get the death metal distortion.

This review was originally published on
MGR/Philip Wind03/30/2004

MGR/Philip Wind's review"DOD FX69B Grunge Distortion"

DOD FX69 Grunge
I bought this along time ago for $50 dollars at a guitar store i passed on a trip.

This was my first effect pedal and great for lead bass. i use this for hight end and a digitech bass driver for low end distortion i dont regret buying it

nto much the battery life for it is good comparied to my digitechs

tank I've dropped it alot and the only thing wriong with it are a few paint nicks

if you liek playing metal and want a sound no one will expect use this when I adition for a band i get odd looks then they hear my sound and im usually in.

This review was originally published on
MGR/Gabriel Lepe12/15/2003

MGR/Gabriel Lepe's review"DOD FX69B Grunge Distortion"

DOD FX69 Grunge
Musician's Friend... Paid $50 overall.

Look, Some People say it's wide in variety, some say it's not, but let me tell you... It's Exotic. It depends really on the things you want to Apply. I use it as the loudest Distortion Amongst my wide collection of Distortion pedals (DS-1, Big Muff, Digitech, etc.). If you think you can play REALLY LOUD, this is the One...

On the Other hand, if you need a distortion pedal that can fit in any ambience of music, WAAAAY Wrong. It would be a huge, HUGE mistake to play with this baby, it just doesn't fit. Get a DS-1 or Buy a Guitar Processor

Rough as a Rhino. DOD pedals are made to last.

Well, I don't have much more to Say. Think about your music... If you think "loud and WARM", get this one, or else, go find something else.

This review was originally published on

MGR/Sean's review"DOD FX69B Grunge Distortion"

DOD FX69 Grunge
Bought this distortion box at Daddy's Junky Music in Western Massachusetts for close to $50 WITH the AC adapter.

This little treasure is amazing. Crank the volume and the fuzz, and watch the windows shatter. Tone the volume and the fuzz down a bit and get more mellow melodic sounds. Take all the fuzz off, and get a overdriven blues tone.

Haven't found anything I dislike about this distortion pedal, except that when I first purchased it, I had to toy with all the controls (volume, low, high, fuzz) to get my personal best tone.

Rock solid, hasn't broken yet. Get's abuse and still stands tall. BUY THE AC ADAPTER TO AVOID THE BATTERY PROBLEM!!! $20 EXTRA BUCKS!!!

Buy it now, and never look back!

This review was originally published on

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