Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Electro-Harmonix Cathedral

Cathedral, Reverb for Guitar from Electro-Harmonix.

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Average Score:4.5( 4.5/5 based on 11 reviews )
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James...'s review"Features galore"

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
24-bit A/D/A converters
True stereo inputs and outputs
8 programmable reverb styles with the ability to load and save
Tap Tempo to set pre-delay section
Damping/Tone control available for each reverb mode
Grail Spring, Accu Spring, Hall, Room, Plate, Reverse, Grail Flerb, Echo
Hold tap tempo for infinite reverb


At first look, this strikes me as a reverb pedal with the perfect "not too many but not too few" knobs. It's not like a boss reverb where it has 3 knobs. But it's no eventide where you will spend an hour on it. The cathedral is a fairly visual and menu free affair. You have your typical blend, time, and damp knobs. Then you have feedback and pre-delay which I think are a little excessive but hey, at least I don't have ti access a menu to get them. It has 7 total modes plus an echo. All stereo sound. You get about every style of reverb you would need. This is also a great studio pedal in case you haven't guessed that by now.

Bottom line, with all the knobs you are allotted, if you can't dial in the reverb you are looking for then I pity you. I use this in an ambient instrumental band and it can basically dial in any sort of reverb tone you need. There's a point with units like this where adding more tweakable parameters is just peanuts. You don't need more than this. Serious.


The question really isn't whether it has enough bells and whistles to work. Clearly on paper it's a sick pedal. But does it sound good? Well short answer, yeah. It's not going to sound like a real vintage spring reverb or a high end Lexicon hall reverb. Don't realistically expect that. But it does sound very good for a pedal in this price range. And better yet, pretty much every mode is usable. How bout that? It doesn't color the sound as much as I thought it would. Kind of depends how you set it really. The tap switch is a great idea and I think it puts this pedal into the must have area.


The only gripe I have is how cheap it feels. Granted, it has not gone south on me, but I've only owned it for a year and I haven't used it as much as a lot of people would. So we will see. It's not noisy. I don't think this pedal is a deal by any means. But unless you wanna shell out money for a space echo or something, this is about as good as it gets under $250. Kind of a bummer that there aren't a whole lot of verb units out there right now.

iamqman's review"Holy Cow!!"

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Whenever I think of this pedal I often think of the song cathedral by Van Halen. I know the two are not connected however the sound of that song in conjunction with what this panel actually does it just brings them two together in my mind. This is a stereo reverb unit by the company electro harmonics. They are really known for their big muff pedals as well as many other effects and modulation pedals such as the delays and reverbs in their series. This is a great sounding reverb pedal that has a lot of options to choose from. This is probably the most heavily laden feature that they have. You can get pretty much any reverb sound that you can't imagine from this battle. It is a quite big unit that will fit on your pedal board but it will take up a large amount of space.


electro-harmonix's Cathedral Programmable Stereo Reverb Pedal Features:

24-bit AD/DA convertors
True stereo I/O
8 programmable reverb styles with the ability to load and save
Tap Tempo to set pre-delay time up to 2 seconds
Feedback control for pre-delay section
Damping/Tone control available for each reverb mode
Grail Spring, Accu Spring, Hall, Room, Plate, Reverse, Grail Flerb, Echo
Hold tap tempo for infinite reverb
9VDC-BI power supply included


The sound of that was quite nice. There probably isn't any reverb sound that you cannot achieve with this unit. You have six control knobs that change today parameters of this unit. You have a blend knob which allows you the dry and wet signal to come through. And then you have your reverb time which is facing a delay control. You have your damping tone which is basically a EQ control knob. Then you have your feedback which allows you do you repeat and how long the signal gets drawn out. And then you have your pre-delay which is way your normal reverb delay setting actually is. Your final control knob is a mode control that gives you eight possible mode operations as well as a favorite preset.


At new you can find these pedals for right around $220 which is a steal of a price. That is a great deal for what this panel can actually achieve. Overall if you are really into reverb settings then this would be the best so that you could probably get it. It's going to be a great sounding pedal and it's good to give you a load of operations and features that can give any guitarist is really into the reverb effect and operation. Overall this is a very cool pedal and if you can muster up the money then I suggest getting one. If I had to pick one pedal for reverb it would be this pedal. if I liked the sound of a tube reverb pedal than it would be the T Rex pedal.

moosers's review

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
The Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb is a pedal designed for electric guitar, but suitable with any electronic instrument that you'd like to use reverb with.  The pedal is a stereo pedal, so it has two 1/4 inch connections for inputs and outputs and the pedal can be powered with a nine volt power supply.  Cathedral has eight different modes, and you can also preset your own.  The pedal has two buttons for bypass and tempo tapping; the pedal isn't rackable as it is a stomp box.


I've never found the Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb to be hard to use, as everything is straight forward and easy to use.  The pedal has a variety of parameters to control your tone, including those for mode, pre-delay, feedback, damping/tone, reverb time, and blend.  I find that these parameters are more than enough to give me the tones that I want, especially when paired with the eight different modes.  I haven't seen the manual for Cathedral, but I don't think that one is necessary as the pedal is easy enough to use without one.


The sound of the Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb is overall outstanding.  Most of the modes are really awesome, although a few of them do stand out to me.  I've used the pedal with a Fender Jazzmaster and a Fender Hot Rod Deluxe, and found that within this configuration that I was able to get an accurate read on the pedal.  My favorite modes on the pedal are the two spring reverb setting, the reverse, and the plate.  This being said, the entire pedal has a very realistic and professional sounding tone and is one that I would recommend for use of any kind.  This collection of reverb sounds is one of the most complete that I have seen.


If you're looking for an extremely versatile reverb pedal, the Electro-Harmonix Cathedral Stereo Reverb is for you.  The pedal isn't the cheapest of the bunch, but it is definitely worth it in my opinion as you're getting an incredible amount of different reverb tones here.  Since it's made by Electro-Harmonix, you know you're getting a well built pedal as they're some of the best in the business when it comes to pedals.  If you're looking for a truly complete reverb pedal, do yourself a favor and check out EH's Cathedral Reverb.

Marc65's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Try before you buy. Very good pedal for live"

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Programmable stereo reverb pedal.
Analog / digital converters and digital / analog 24-bit
Inputs and outputs 'true' stereo
8 reverb styles (including 1 echo delay) programmable with ability to save and load
Tap tempo function to set a time of pre-delay to 2 seconds
Feedback control for the pre-delay section
Controls damping / tone possible for every reverb mode
Grail spring, battery spring, hall, room, plate, reverse, Flerb grail, echo
Hold tap tempo for infinite reverb
AC 96DC-200 PSU included


Quite simple and clear config.
The little manual helps a lot.


Beautiful digital reverb, sometimes veering towards its analog-style knobs that as you turn.
Works well in light and saturated for an electric guitar.
I will publish this notice after use on stage.


I just bought it (new) or rather I just go for the replacement of the first that did not work. Indeed, I had the problem that I have read two stories on the net: mashed his hard fate alone that effect even without an instrument is plugged in and there attention luckily I put Dry blend into the starting position otherwise I think I would have broken the peavey classic 30 that I had plugged in and that's why I say: try before you buy because apparently the problem is not so rare.

I need this pedal to the specific functions of the "freeze" (infinite), which sets the reverb to make beaches agreements and make a rhythm above, about this: beware! notes played while you press the foootswitch for the "infinite" out in the DRY and that it is not specified anywhere.

I need also for the delay with tap tempo (the tap may be used for other effects) and then reverbs.
This is the only "market" I saw that these functions combined in a single housing, so I have not tried others. The reverbs are quite beautiful.

Eur to 185 I:
7 beautiful reverbs a pre-delay reverb on each one setting the tone of the reverb, a reverse.
1 delay with tap tempo
a modulator chorus flanger way adjustable reverb
1 memory setting for each mode: 8 presets so
the infinite mode up to "freeze" agreements or phrases delay.
This is a pedal that will help me a bass instrument trio / Battery / guitar + vocals with which I can really give the sound space.
For the price, I do not see what I can ask for, right?
but if you know, do not hesitate to inform me. Thank you.

Gab_'s review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
See notice below.


Uses simple, clear manual, ergonomics interesting little reverb pedals help keep the presets, and that's a shame.


Well I do not know what happened with this reverb is an effect which I attach great importance, but I was very annoyed with: spring fashion grail is great, the echo mode is nice. The rest is okay but I was not packed, can be a bit too typical: the lobby is a little hall with concrete walls, the room has walls in boxes, and the platform is a cast iron plate ...
I must admit that I used a Lexicon for years (mpx G2) and the cathedral is clearly well below. Evidenced by the big problems with the blend button: up to 30% of the race I thought it lacked reverb, over 30% of the race there was still too much reverb.
With that said to go into delusions of groundwater psyches, the controls are excellent.


I got 3 months. Eventide changed to a space, and then you do not play in the same league ...

Axlslash's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Travel time, effective when you need it!"

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
I spend the answers, but it is well done overall.


It's EHX: The config-type hazarai et cie, the beautiful row of buttons, there's plenty to do.

However, it is clear, the manual is in the trash, we know that with ehx it takes time to turn the pedal ...


Very pleasant. I bought it because my tweed had no reverb, so I used the preset spring 99% of the time.

This one is good, flerb is interesting. Hall Room and also how Hall in particular is amazing stereo: Take two beautiful clean amps, one at each corner of the room, a stereo delay, and there is incredible.

I can use it for my acoustic plate mode was doing okay.

In short, it does the job when there's need for groundwater and atmosphere, it is the foot.


I sold for various reasons, but I think the repurchase date, or else opt for bluesky.

In braf is the bomb, it is nice on the pedalboard, and sounds.

If you want simplicity, go rather to the other models ehx, this one is dedicated to exploring!
Menestrel de malheur10/27/2012

Menestrel de malheur's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Holy fucking hell!"

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Size effect pedal digital reverb stereo.

The IN-
-Mains (required) via transformer 9.6v



-5 Controls (knob):

-BLEND (dry / wet)
Infinite-knob SELECTOR graduated selector reverb, it even selects the preset knob (push) and the memorized preset (hold)

tap tempo / infinite reverb, true bypass


Simple configuration as an effects pedal anything.
The manual is in English, 12 mini pages that explain the general functions is sufficient.


The effects are good, it sounds true enough hot now and full of life.
There are frankly what to do.
For use on my part arranger keyboard (korg m50), synthesizer (mikrokorg), singing (sm 58, Audio Technica AT2020, oktava MK012) and secondarily guitar (bc rich is 1995, esp k500).

Basically bought SONG reverb types of black metal has the old entry I feel it will do the trick. Easy to master, the volumes are measured, it is necessary to deceive the settings for it to leave water sock. It is relatively disproportionate use being given for this is that use one or two presets but the quality is so it is mission acomplie ...

But it does not cut keeps spreading, we can make beautiful things about songs sung vocals, rap, shouting and screaming all kinds.

On keyboards, my organs are already powerful sublimated until a tear in cassocks and purple brushings Sunday. On synthesizer you can imagine, but difficult to control huge volumes in its unaccustomed live for.

On guitar is exceptional, it has everything and the exploration is endless I tell you.


A strong and beautiful box, the limit of perfection, design-Gothic méiéval copy and height effect, sounds powerful and alive, use childish. Connections solid, and everything is screwed in place.

As nothing is perfect I will be severe simply saying EXCELLENT!
Go there with your eyes closed, but the wallet stocked.

dussson's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" GREAT!!"

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
I do not return on the specifications ...
It should be noted that it is just digital.


The configuration and editing is very easy, when you know a little the principle of reverb.
The manual is helpful just to find the function not marked on the beast: the infinite mode by holding the Tap button.


Very very good reverbs!

I have no comparisons with the models emulated analog (springs), but overall all sound great modes: natural, deep (special mention still in fashion hall). The Cathedral really brings an extra dimension to the sound went in (normal for you tell me a reverb ... but there's just stunning!).
Just the mode echo (ping pong delay) is very convenient and sounds well too I think.
Accuracy, if you overload the input of the pedal with a signal too strong, no worries: the distortion is very pretty!


I use it for a year and a half, many, mostly with machines, and I can not do without it. First I bought reverb, and stroke of luck (more or less given the price ...), it's one of my favorite instruments!
We love it necessarily be cheaper, but given the character and quality of effects, it really surpasses number of racks first prizes ...

surfy's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Our Lady of rverb"

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
I do not return the CHARACTERISTICS. We have several rverbs (classic and most original). It's digital and the buttons to do everything from the small chamber at the cho distant galactic psychdlique.
Stereo input, output.
No batteries, but immedia provided.

You can record a preset reverb on each (that is, a rglage we remember but which is DIFFERENT Obviously buttons).

So many possibilities that we can spend hours of tweaking.


We can not say that to be "simple", but it's normal since all possible options. We must grind, read the manual a bit, but it is quickly bte trs.


The sound quality is poustouflante. I like the possibility to spend particulirement reverb sounds compltement psychdliques felt in the blink of an eye.


I use it for a few weeks and I must say this is the kind of rverb that allows you to work really sound cratif.
If you like the "roots" with a basic reverb lgre well you can do, but even when CHRE (172, the CHRE pedals most of my pedal board) , so I recommend plutt someone who likes to broaden their sonic palette.

MicMicMan's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Electro-Harmonix Cathedral
Stompbox for guitarist

Reverb mono / stereo mode with 8 reverb (spring, acuspring, room, hall, flat flerb, reverb, echo)
Five controls (volume pot): mix dry / wet, reverb, shape, feedback, delay time
2 footswitches: tap tempo / infinite reverb, true bypass
selector with preset reverb

No external control (not possible to connect an expression pedal or footswitch extra), not editable via usb

External power supply required (no batteries)

Presentation very, very tough, and pretty ... even if the tap tempo footswitch could be more hard. The lights make the pedal sufficiently visible.

A good 8 / 10 for appearance and strength even if we would have liked more freedom in the controls.


Everything is made to be simple ... even a little too simple, as often with Electro Harmonix.
The manual is clear, but deserves to be a little bushier.

About editing sound, to draw really good party must understand how the equipment works, and it is not obvious. But the first grip is excellent and we are pleased instantly.
I explain here how it works in detail for most modes (all except flerb):
- First, there is a delay with a speed defined by the control delay time, mix with mix control and feedback by the feedback control ... until here everything is clear ...
- The reverb is "processée" on iterations of the delay. This means that if there is a delay of 1 second, we will begin to hear the reverb than 1 second after playing the note. Length (long life) of the reverb is set by controlling reverb and color control "shape", which acts exactly like a "tone", it works like a pre-delay in this case
- Keep the button when "infinite", the beast will simply go quietly being played in the delay feedback infinity, and the signal then passes played in "bypass" (more reverb or delay so above). We must therefore support the timer on the footswitch to control completely the result (not very complicated).
- Note that the feedback delay are colored according to the chosen mode of reverb (this is not exactly pure delays, except for algorithms or reverse and echo found a digital delay everything there is more classic)
Note that the control mix dry / wet wet skips to 100%, thereby having the reverb ...
For presets, they are available through a number of reverb mode. We can move from one to another by turning the volume pot selection of presets, which can be limiting in terms live.
No "spillout" because it's true-bypass, meaning that when you cut the reverb effect is cut outright, the reverb does not continue.
No reverb or delay, as dry on what we play when we move in infinite reverb.
In the end "only" 7 / 10 for limitations in controls (presets spillout absent, the signal at 100% dry when the infinite function activated)


Do not suck, it sounds perfectly.
All reverbs have their particularity, their grain, the sound is customizable as it should, according to toy with the infinite is a real pleasure.
Special mention to the "reverse reverb" which is one of the most interesting effects I've heard recently ... Used extensively it can go in the new textures and really psychedelic. Discreetly used it offers unprecedented consistency truly excellent sound. I used it on recordings with folk rendering very surprising.
Echo function allows a delay of extra interest (even if the control reverb on it tends to quickly scramble the sound).
This is not necessarily realistic, it does not really bear comparison with the opposite convolution reverbs studio (although the lobby and the flat fare very well), but who cares not a bit ... ?
In short, even if everyone has their preferences and is likely to restrict some functions, all the reverbs are very attractive and different.
Upstream of distortion is reached and hallucinatory hallucinatory textures ...
It even happened to just play with the pedal, by directly touching the tip of the input jack without guitar ...
The opportunity to return to self-oscillation can add an impressive array of sounds and crushed his bizarre sonic palette ...
For further consideration:
The pedal can return to self-oscillation in 2 ways:
- By the bottom feedback
- By the reverb-bottomed
Depending on how the reverb chosen, the selected control, and the delay time, the effect may be radically different. It may even happen more or less to "synthesize" sound with a very short delay time, feedback thoroughly and certain types of reverb (spring in particular) from a white noise.
One regret however: when the pedal is in self-oscillation and it touches the delay time, regardless of how we tend to lose the signal, and it only affects the repetition rate instead of the pitch. So it is not possible to play with this feature as it can be done with analog delay. Surprisingly, the behavior is not quite the same when it initiates the "infinite" because only changes the speed of the delay, without losing the signal.

Ultimately, if this is the little regret for the self-oscillations, 10/10 to a good level of sound quality. And yet, I have not tested it by plugging the pedal itself (entrance on left output right )....


It must be two months she never leaves me, repeating or recording, for folk, rock, hacks of all stripes, as delay ... and I have not the impression of knowing perfectly.

The reverse reverb is really a must, but others are not left behind. It's really amazingly simple textures for shaping post-rock and psychedelic, or soberly and effectively thicken its sound. Coupled with a reverse delay and voice, the reverse reverb allows effects worthy of the best zombie movies, a must!

One detail that is important: it instantly appealed to members of my group ...

Ultimately, the only flaws I have found him at his ergonomics "limited" (presets, controls foot).
Beside, level originality and versatility is one of the things most comprehensive and intuitive on which I put my hand.

For less than 200 € is really a good investment for little one loves to play and fiddle with the texture of its instruments. And because she brings something other than studio reverb or a rack, this stompbox quickly becomes indispensable.
I would do without hesitation that choice for a second.