Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1

Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1

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Wet Stereo Reverb V1, Reverb for Guitar from Neunaber Technology in the Elements series.

3 user reviews
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Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1 tech. sheet

  • Manufacturer: Neunaber Technology
  • Model: Wet Stereo Reverb V1
  • Series: Elements
  • Category: Reverbs for Guitar
  • Added in our database on: 10/19/2012
Nominal Input Level -10 dBu, instrument level
Max Input Level 6 Vpk-pk
Input Impedance 2.0 MΩ stereo, 1.0 MΩ mono
Output Impedance 1 kΩ stereo, 500Ω mono
Gain 0 dB, 0% Mix vs. bypass
Frequency Response 20 Hz—20k Hz, +0.0/-0.5 dB
(dry signal or bypassed)
Total Harmonic Distortion + Noise 0.003% typical, 22Hz—22k Hz
(dry signal or bypassed, input: 1.0 VRMS @ 1k Hz)
Signal-to-Noise Ratio 105 dB typical, A-weighted, 22 Hz—22k Hz
(knobs @ 50%, 2 VRMS reference)
Power Adapter Input 9-12 V DC, 100 mA, plug center-negative, 5.5 mm OD x 2.1 mm ID
Dimensions 2.8" W, 4.6" L, 1.6" H / 72 mm W, 116 mm L, 49 mm H
Weight 8.0 oz (220 g)

Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1 user reviews

Average Score:5.0( 5/5 based on 3 reviews )
 3 reviews100 %
Audience: Value For Money :

azraik's review"Inspiring."

Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1

Simple. Elegant. Amazing.

These words do not even begin to describe my love for this pedal. I love it even more than I thought I would love it when I first bought it. Let me be clear; I almost never buy gear for full price unless I believe it is something truly great. The Neunaber Effects Wet (Stereo) Reverb fits that bill.

The pedal is housed in a lightweight (but durable) die cast metal chassis. It comes with three simple controls: mix, decay, and the custom expression control that can be programmed via the free downloadable software from the Neunaber Effects website. This custom control can be used as a reverb tone, shimmer effect, or reverb decay, and controlled with an external expression pedal. The Wet Stereo Reverb comes with endless possibilities, all built into a small, lightweight package.

My Experience

I bought this pedal directly from the Neunaber Effects website after I sold a few old guitar pedals and scraped together the money for it. Before I had the Wet Reverb, I was using the T.C. Electronic Hall of Fame reverb for my guitar setup, and I was happy with it. It has a multitude of options, and could be tweaked up the wazoo… but there was one thing it was missing: simplicity. There were so many options and controls, I didn't know what to do sometimes. I ended up just choosing one setting out of convenience so I wouldn't have to move the knobs around over and over again.

Then I stumbled upon a video of the Wet Reverb, and it was love at first listen. The flexibility to go from a slapback room sound to an ethereal cacophony of buffered trails, all at the turn of one knob. I was so excited at the thought, I couldn't stand it.

One of my favorite genres to play with guitar is ambient post-rock. With the turn of one or two knobs, this pedal turns your guitar signal into an ocean of endless ambience. Literally, if you turn the decay all the way up on this pedal, it will take a few minutes for the reverb effect to fully fade away (I know... I've tried).

Pros and Cons

For what it's worth, I can't say this reverb is for everyone. Don't get me wrong, it's incredibly versatile; I've used it for rock, blues, country, jazz, and experimental styles of music. But for all its wonderful simplicity, it may not get the exact sound that a certain niche musician is looking for. This pedal won't necessarily have the exact tone of an old analog spring or plate reverb, but the digital circuit will come pretty darn close. Another thing to note is that the reverb sound and decay is incredibly smooth--very suitable for ambient soundscapes, but not as suitable for gritty rock and country styles.


If you have the money for it, I would recommend this pedal again and again. If you don't have the money for it, but you can scrape it together to buy this pedal, I would say it's worth the effort. If you're a tone snob who won't accept anything less than old-fashioned analog gear, I dare you to give the Wet Stereo Reverb a try. You might just fall in love with it.

Marc67270's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)"excellent!"

Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1
Stereo reverb pedal, but not only: Customized with the free software customizer pedal manufacturer.
It is light (aluminum housing) and solid, good point made in USA, excellent quality.

Digital technology, but the dry signal is preserved: no A / D conversion and D / A inputs degrades signal.2 6.35mm (! Stereo, you are told), 2 outputs ditto, 9V power supply, USB, 2 and 3.5 mm jack for expression pedal to the mix and deph
WARNING: 9V is not in standard format, the plug is a little too high and my cable ballote a little inside: risk of bad contact as soon as one moves, will have an adapter ...
3 knobs:
Left: mix (rule "quantity" of reverb added to the dry signal)
Right: deph (equivalent to room, hall to see Cathedral ah ah So what is the size of the simulated room!)
Middle: tone (tone reverbs only, not for the sound dry.Donne a matt or bright side to the atmosphere created)
no midi.
I wish: a normal power supply socket (what interest to take one size bigger??)
A third expression for the connection tone, useful for adjusting the volume of shimmer when you download the program adéquat.Mais maybe it is not very useful ...
For that, I put 7.


No manual, no besoin.ça sounds in all cas.Pour sound to look for, but three knobs, it's not complicated.

The pedal comes with a mini USB cable USB.C is everything.
The expression pedal cable is not provided (rats! At this price ...)
I have not seen on the site ( what type of expression pedal should, or you can buy the cable that goes ...
Obviously, everything is in English.
Or there's going to be interesting is the possibility to download another program, excellent quality: in fact, we change pedal, more or less: the delay, chorus, other types of reverb, what interests us here.
No manual, site in English, lack of information: I put 6.


I play Dusenberg Starplayer TV, amp KOCH Studiotone, harley benton and a small lamp for the stereo.
No such adjustment spring, plate, reverse, and other gadget of origin, but may be varied some parameters with the software house (modulation, trail, shimmer), or completely change pedal (chorus, delay, and other thing again.)
The stock version has a trail: When cutting the pedal, the continuous reverb. But it can be removed via the pedal customizer.Mais it is not "true bypass." Frankly, this is not a handicap.

In a soft reverb and barely noticeable to a large infinity lap, all room sizes are there, the smallest reminiscent of a slap back, very rockabilly, (corresponds to the pre time) the largest, a cathedral, its really lasts very long.
With effective tone that changes the atmosphere is always great intelligibility of what we play, it's never flooded, it remains clear and clean: it all with 3 buttons. This is all bôôôté!

The shimmer version is very good for my taste, and sounds natural and soft, not overly present and acute, the tone knob serve here to adjust the volume, or to adjust the frequencies, it is not a tone control but frequency added, which can be dissonant, but always associated with a reverb, I mean we will have a long reverb if you want a very present shimmer.

It is possible thanks to the software house customizer pedal to remove the trail, or add a slower or flexible modulation speed through the tone button, which changes depending ... We will set the tone before the software permanently, the tone will adjust speed modulation (detune genre).
The tone print editor at TC Electronic is much more comprehensive, or to load a tone print everything, USB or the HP of its iPhone, it's still far more advanced.
We can only choose what you want from a list, there is no question of what you want, but it's really bien.Et loading the software runs smoothly. And the sounds! ! A crying.
This is why we still buy, right?
So I put 9.


I have a few hours and I'm very excited.
This is my first reverb I play with a chorus maxon stereo, stereo delay TC flashback, and I wanted to keep the space next to my stuff, it was an important criterion.
I tested the Behringer RV 600, direct returned, it's really the big difference quality manufacturing and son.De crap level.
The Verbzilla Line 6 is a clone, I even want to try.
Hall of fame at TC did not like it on You Tube, I have the impression that the modulation sound exaggerated and artificial.
Strymon Blue Sky is bulkier more complex, a little more expensive aussi.Le fashion shimmer seemed less natural également.Bon on YouTube, it may be misleading ...
Personal opinion, of course.
I appreciate not plug power supply bobble is chiant.Il still lacks a bit of explanation in French, manual or on the website: it's painful to download an application on a site without always be sure of what fait.Bon to use, it's going bien.Manque a little explanation on the use of pedals expressions ... Well, it's not much, can be found on Forums.
it sounds great still, no breath (missing more than that) even background is beautiful, there's nothing to say.
The ability to upgrade or completely change of purpose is a real plus, not yet at TC, but I do not think you can pass a Hall of fame (reverb TC) to flash back (delay TC ) then we can at Neunaber!
While it's expensive, but it is very bon.Je put 9!


jamasess's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" the Grail reverb, musicality and investment tops!"

Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1
this is a reverb that's all

3 buttons: 1 mix (dry / wet) 1 depth (depth) varying the size of the reverb and 1 tone (tone)

usb socket that allows config programming the pedal altogether other choices such as shimmer effects, chorus ... fairly unique and quite nice!

And, thanks to the Pedal Customizer software to change what happens inside, including the type of bypass (true or continuation of reverb), and the prospect of updates is very interesting udemeurant

The ideal would have been to make a case for dual control pedal for a double circuit (to put a reverb effect + another) way dreamer 88 (which combines together two pedal models 58 & 72)

double mini jack for an expression pedal if you want to vary the effect

Construction and Made in Usa inspires confidence pedal is fairly flat (like audio mi)


yes, turn in all cases it sounds beautifully.

I have not consulted the manual but with 3 buttons I do not think it's necessary

no editing as is the num you can take to dream ds store several presets ...

The white light is not great, it could have a light color, then that is a detail, and we immediately recognize and better in black because the color of light is differentiated from the rest of the pb!


the reverb effects are very realistic, very well placed and credible spacialisation

There's no multiple program, a depth knob controls the reverb time and it is very much like that!

Settings in all positions are well differentiated and flexible widespread use

It respects fine grain amp and instrument while bringing them a great musicality.


since 10j, but already it satisfies me and am not too surprised that she sits on many boards pedal-known artists and almost found almost proposed very near the new price, if evidence was its coast love!

I left a Hardwire RV7 on notice that I tempered my opinion,
But here we are not AT ALL in the same court .... even for a simple reverb.

I also had the Solemate Van amps which is less deep reverb as "spring" which was not bad and quite musical and there was a little the best of 2 worlds of analog and num.

I also hesitated on Silver Spring mad professor, but a little shortened length reverb question as "spring" (I cross that goes up to 1000ms Wet!) And slightly less expensive!

I also considered the mini scientist Dr. verberator less musical and transparent with
9 modes fairly uneven and not too helpful!

Excellent investment credible and especially hyper music not surprising that stereo Neunaber is a very business oriented ds top range with more activity and when we know that the famous chip Beltron (in the illustrious Mr Lee Spriggy and other renowned reverb.
From this chip Neunaber transcends the possible results with it and magnifies even wider possibilities.

Do not take the mono release (even if you do not mind stereo) which is slightly less expensive at 190 €, because is not programmable and do not know if it also has taken an external pedal!

Overall, I am totally impressed by the Wet stereo and I feel that I will definitely keep a very long time!

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  • Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1
  • Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1
  • Neunaber Technology Wet Stereo Reverb V1

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