TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

PolyTune Mini, Tuner/Pitch Pipe/Tuning Fork from TC Electronic in the Polytune series.

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All user reviews for the TC Electronic PolyTune Mini

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Average Score:4.6( 4.6/5 based on 10 reviews )
 6 reviews60 %
 1 user review10 %
 1 user review10 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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gregours100's review"Small, but it does the job"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I've had it for a month. I used to have a "pocket" tuner. Excellent value for money. It sits first in my pedalboard and it works perfectly if you follow the instructions. It takes almost no space, has a big and well-lit display. It mutes the output sound during tuning. Allows alternate tunings. String-by-string tuning is more precise, but you really need to have a good ear to tell the difference. If I have to say something negative about it would be this ridiculously slight difference in results when you tune string-by-string and when you use strumming mode The latter allows you to quickly check your tuning live between songs, for example. Switching between both tuning modes is automatic. I'd buy the same tomorrow if it stopped working.

maynaard's review"Small, precise"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I've been using it for four months. I bought it because I was tired of having to unplug my guitar every time I had to tune it.
I chose the mini version for its price (which is less expensive than the normal version).
The polytune function to tune all 6 strings at once is very practical and fast, but maybe a bit less precise than string-by-string. Nevertheless, it's prefect to tune quickly between two songs.
I've had several tuners (Korg DT-10, Korg DTR-1000, Korg Pitchblack) and I have never been disappointed by the precision of any of them. The main differences have to do with the finish and the sturdiness of the pedal and the switch.

It's a good tuner. If I ever have the chance, I'll get the normal version, which must have a bigger display and dimensions (my pedalboard is pretty big and the mini looks really tiny on it).

chessou's review"Kudos for this little tuner"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I've been using it shortly but I'm really satisfied with this tuner.

I'm done with multi-effect tuners that are always far off, vibration tuners on the neck and others whose needle is not responsive nor precise enough.

This small Polytune has everything to please anybody, specially lucky Floyd rose owners. The polytune mode, which I thought was a mere bauble at first, has proven to be very effective and practical, especially to tune a floyd where increasing the tension on a string inevitably makes the other ones loosen, so you end up tuning all strings in real time knowing where you are, with this tuner I can tune my floyd rose in two steps and three movements. Once tuned you only need to do some chromatic fine-tuning to give it the finishing touch.

The display is perfectly readable, the tuner is very responsive and precise, the indicator is stable.
I have to revisit all my tunings because they they were never that precise. I have been playing 15 years with poorly tuned guitars but now they sound better than ever!

The pedal is solid, the switch is rugged and it works pretty well.

I like the true bypass, which allows me to keep the tuner in the chain without worries. The foot control is very smooth and it mutes sound perfectly when the whole band is tuning. It's small and discreet but does a great job.

It does have a couple of snags:
- The power connector on the side (grrrrrrrrr........ it's very annoying!!!), so if you already have lots of pedals, consider buying a daisy chain because the pedal is the first in the chain and can end up being too far from the last one!
- No battery operation ─ a lousy joke for people who play live.
- The manual is not included, you have to download it from tc electronic's website
- The adhesive pads on the bottom don't stick, you have to use double-sided scotch tape or a bit of glue for them to stay in place (or not use them at all!).

Good vale for money. The mini version is more than enough for me. It's always heartbreaking to spend so much in a single tuner but for a guitar with floyd it's indispensable.

With hindsight, I should've bought this pedal 15 years ago! It would have spared me from playing with out-of-tune guitars and having a hard time trying to get them in tune with needles and useless displays that move in all directions (or don't even move at all!).

EDIT: After using it some time, I should add that the display gets scratched pretty easily, so be careful! Also, I've noticed a bit of noise when I strum the strings in tuning mode, it's surprising and maybe due to interferences induced by my analog/solid-state gear?!

neothefreeman's review"It does what you expect of it!"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
How long have you been using it?
3-4 months

Did you try any other models before buying this one?
Many different tuners, but never in pedal format.

Which feature do you like the most / the least?
Pros: Format, readability, price, precision
Cons: No battery operation.

How would you rate its value for money?
Based on your experience, would you buy this product again? ...
Good value for money. I wouldn't hesitate to buy it again!

Armandt's review"Very good pedal tuner"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I bought this tuner online in 2013 for about $90-$100. (Polytune White)

I use it for rehearsals right now, I will take it with me onstage. It can work string by string (precise) or all strings at once (a bit less precise, but enough to tell which note is wrong). The luminosity is good. The pedal is really small, it's cool!

My guitar goes directly into the Polytune and then into my effects, the sound is muted once I activate the tuner. I sometimes tune in Drop D and it works perfectly. There are other tunings available but I haven't tried them yet.

The Polytune seems robust (metal), but be careful with the screen because it's almost as wide as the pedal itself.
I use an adapter to power it. Do note that the power connector is on the side, not on top.

This tuner is really good, I gladly recommend it. :)
9/10 for the power connector on the side and the fragile screen.

ludovicloco's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" good but ..."

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I use it for 2 years on stage and in rehearsal.
I tested the boss that I quit because of his size and weight on the pedalboard.
nickel operation but big problem for my taste, it generates noise very present when I set off as the silence while tuning is still the goal of a tuner pedal. My rating reflects this.

Pepitow's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" A must !!"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I use it for this summer, and again live!

Before that I used the built-in tuner my Line 6 amp, very well but less accurate I think!

This tuner is great, it takes very little space (that's why we bought it) really cheap and good ends (solid construction). Very easy to use, you press the switch, it turns off the sound, and that there is agreement. A small button on the side allows you to choose what type of tuning it is so that the Polytune aligns (REMEMBER ... standard tuning is selected by default, and being granted a semitone lower, Polytune the function did not work, I could not understand it and thought my tuner was defective ... then I got interested in this button and I realized that the Polytune is spotted with standard notes, once corrected it works thunder ... I felt very stupid for once: D). It supports a wide range of tunings, even Drops.

Normal mode works great, very accurate, the mode is great for Poltytune checker rapido between 2 pieces if all goes well!

To summarize, this is the ultimate tuner: small, solid, nice, precise and Poly function super practical and fun ... and the Q / P ratio excellent (€ 50) !!

With experience I would do this choice (maybe the black version which is very classy), do not bother to take the normal version I think, unless you really have the space, the screen is legible on this version! In the limit if I had known, I might be expected the mini version of the Polytune 2 and still pay € 25/30 more for a brighter screen and a "strobe" function would, it's not really worth , he will do more than the job;)

Megajp's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Pedal the most sold in the world?"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
Seduced by his display of 6 strings at a time and its size, I'm tempted ... I like having tuners around my house). Not disappointed, its small size allows it to quickly find its place in the pedalboard, reaction times are correct, it seems to me just a Boss TU-2. Tru Bypass and bright enough to be used at night or day (good going in full sun is beginning to ogle a bit more). There is only the Rick 360 / 12cordes who disrupts a small peu.Le struming mode is ultra convenient with my Gretsch and Bigsby, one sees a glance what is the rope kidding, and when one that holds out a other rope move; systematic brush after tuning a string, known or is so essential for floating vibrato. He was criticized for a lack of external microphone (for audio) but overall the quality / price ratio will make it a must! pedal can be the most sold in the world today.
Captain Danny05/06/2012

Captain Danny's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Excellent tuner"

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I use it for 4 months before I had her big sister, the PolyTune, I also had the Boss TU-3. I am not using PolyTune mode, which works very well on guitar, a little less on low, and so I am not using the different types of selectable tuning: I do everything in color. Its size is just amazing, it has the same number of modes that the first name and the display is the same size as the standard despite its size, it is true bypass. The only thing that was standard in most was the ability to power other pedals via a DC OUT but I did not used it. It take very little space and is as much a Rolls Royce of the standard tuning, what do you expect? It is even cheaper than PolyTune or a TU-3, with a quality / price ratio very, very honest.

Alx33's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

TC Electronic PolyTune Mini
I use it for one week. Before I had the Korg Pitchblack and I feel that the PolyTune mini is a bit more accurate and faster.

I bought it for one reason (besides it gives very good): its size, it is really very small, must have in hand to realize it.

What I like least? Perhaps the display, I would have preferred a display similar to pitchblack, but it really is to quibble.

The quality / price / size is very good. I remake that choice without hesitation.

PS: I'm not talking about other ways because I have no use (for now) and polyaccordage does not work for bass.