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Furch Guitars user reviews

  • Furch G20-CM

    Furch G20-CM - " Furch G-20 CM Grand Auditorium"


    Guitar entirely handmade in the Federal Republic Czech, 2013, table solid background and Cedre and splint solid mahogany, one piece neck, 20 frets. The guitar is very beautiful and flawless finish. . . simple, unadorned (it also lowers the sales pr…

  • Furch D22-SR

    Furch D22-SR - " A great dreadnought guitar"


    Made in Czechoslovakia worthy of handwork luthier was that quality wood: rosewood, mahogany, ebony, etc. .. UTILIZATION A great handle too big or too late allows fast and comfortable playing SOUNDS To the sound is sublime, warm, good bass a…

  • Furch D20-CM

    Furch D20-CM - " EXCELLENT"


    Made in Czech Republic, view features the manufacturer's website .. I lowered the string action, as on many guitars luthier should adjust the instrument and that changes everything! The violin is no frills but it sounds, the finish is good. UTILIZA…

  • Furch D34-SR

    Furch D34-SR - " Falling in love from the first note!"


    See merchant sites, they are there for UTILIZATION A super nice handle, which is quite to my left hand. All the boxes are easy to access. 2 months after purchase, and without changing the strings, it still sounds like hell. I say this because wit…

  • Furch OM34-SR

    Furch OM34-SR - " The Slap!!"


    Guitar handmade in the Czech Republic by a small family business OM form Sitka spruce top Solid selected former Back and Sides: Solid Indian Rosewood selected Mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, bridge and ebony pegs, etc.. We immediately fe…

  • Furch OM32-SM

    Furch OM32-SM - " Superb"


    Table antiqued solid spruce top, back and sides solid mahogany, rosewood fingerboard and bridge, OM format 14 cases non-cash. UTILIZATION The neck is thin in width but somewhat thick, V-type I think also it's still a very comfortable guitar SOU…

  • Furch D22-SR

    Furch D22-SR - " A g N m i F i Q u E"


    Manufacturing Czech brand "FURCH" developed or sold under different brand names in different countries, for example, "Stonebridge" in the U.S. the look "Taylor" it recovered somewhat in the head and she was inspired we recognize the manufacturer ha…

  • Furch OM23-SR

    Furch OM23-SR - " Furch = Extra"


    Czech Republic easel such Martin Mahogany 14 frets non-cash acoustiqueAA UTILIZATION great size of the handle, a little wider than the recent Martin a little heavier than my Martin the sound is totally unique (large, huge projection, …

  • Furch LJ-10-CM Little Jane

    Furch LJ-10-CM Little Jane - " Gem"


    Beautiful little guitar a little known brand, but that should go into the legend. I bought mine at the Bordeaux Acoustic Music and I am super happy !!! their site, ca can serve you it's hard to find in stores:|p=1249…

  • Furch LJ-10-CM Little Jane

    Furch LJ-10-CM Little Jane - " A wonder"


    A simple acoustic guitar and sounds of EUROPEAN manufacture (eastern europe) USE It is very easy to play the guitar is smaller than dreadnough. SONORITS Good sound, finger or ragi mdiator it well. We forget completely that this guitar i…