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  • Hotone Audio Heart Attack

    Hotone Audio Heart Attack - " A love ... until it bites you!"


    I love this series, it's my third after the purple wind and thunder, it starts to tax ... Transistors course, smaller than a pedal bebert-boss, complete connectivity and settings ditto. Alim lightweight, so switching ungrounded, it is true that i…

  • Hotone Audio Tuner

    Hotone Audio Tuner - " Reduced efficiency"


    I use it since June 2014, no worries for now but it's still early. I was torn between this one and the Polytune but the price of the last made me think and did not deserve that I spend too much for a single tuner. Learn about the pedals Hotone …

  • Hotone Audio Blues

    Hotone Audio Blues - fabsqueak's review


    I tried it yesterday with a friend. With a Strat and a Vox. Something lamp made in china. Brackets. (Ca work very well, but it did nothing to the color of a vox and even less of a ... JMI short!) UTILIZATION Pedal, Simple boost, gain at arou…

  • Hotone Audio Purple Wind

    Hotone Audio Purple Wind - " Product absolutely great!"


    This is a 5w head-channel transistor, with the total siouplé: bass-mid-treble-winning volume, and serial loop at the back entrance and auxiliary minijack headphone minijack too. Not tested those two for now, but the nickel loop works with my analog d…

  • Hotone Audio Eko

    Hotone Audio Eko - " Gives great atmosphere, test!"


    A digital delay of about 500ms (I think it may be a bit more). True Bypass touuuuut and small size (it can be a plus). Super strong, that side, the design is very good (in black knobs fluorescent apparently!). Nice aesthetic with LED that illum…

  • Hotone Audio Blues

    Hotone Audio Blues - tiep's review


    1 true bypass switch, 1 volume, 1 tone, 1 gain, and a switch to low (which adds the headroom) the pedal is really tiny and still seems robust UTILIZATION it is a overdrive pedal, nothing more simple to use SOUND QUALITY I was very surprised…