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  • Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor

    Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor - "Value vs Quality"


    I currently own at least 20 compressors of all types and qualities, from rack units down to several I've built myself. First I'll say, this is NOT another MXR clone. MXR compressors have high gain and extremely bright sounding. The Hofner has a …

  • Hofner Guitars 457

    Hofner Guitars 457 - "Vintage 'modern' Hofner" has images


    I really wanted a Gibson 335 and hankered for years; then the 80s arrived and suddenly all the old and unloved semi acoustics were being touted about by the new British Invasion so anything was game. I spied my E457 on a back wall of Kingfisher Mu…

  • Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

    Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass - " Avoid ..."


    Product reserved for beginner and Beatles fan, but big problem with the circuit board for the selection of microphones and microphones oxidize a breakneck speed ... In short, I highly advise against ... …

  • Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

    Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass - "The McCartney Syndrome"


    Made in Indonesia, not in China, which is enough for me. The features can be read in previous reviews. Overall, it looks and feels nice. No rough edges on the wood, no glue drips or any other such blunders that you usually expect on an instrument at …

  • Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

    Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass - "Great small bass"


    Adjustable neck Spruce top. Maple body. Maple/beech/maple neck Rosewood fingerboard 22 frets Scale: 29.9" (760mm) Nut width: 1.566" (39.8mm) Two volume controls Two on/off switches Rhythm/Solo switch with volume booster Two Höfner humbucke…

  • Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series

    Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series - "One of the best "


    I love the Hofner Icon Series and the overall design. Can't put it down! I did, however, receive a bass with several manufacturing flaws that made it very frustrating. For the price I was not surprised, but I was still disappointed. On close inspecti…

  • Hofner Guitars Verythin Classic

    Hofner Guitars Verythin Classic - "Beautiful Semi Hollow"


    The Hofner Verythin Classic is a reissue of the company's original highly noted semi hollow body guitar from the sixties called the Verythin. It has a very thin (!) double cutaway body with a center block of wood down the body a-la a Gibson ES335 gui…

  • Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

    Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass - "Great toy"


    Black Beatles bass. Manufactured in Asia, which means bad quality components assembled with care: The finish is good but you only get your money's worth, nothing more, the wood seems to be plywood, the tuners are really cheap. I only got it recentl…

  • Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

    Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass - "Very cool!"


    I bought this Hofner Ignition bass at Thomann in 2010. I think I paid €225 for it. At this price point, I seriously doubt it has anything to do with the "real" 500/1 or even with the Contemporary version... but it's definitely not a down-market bass…

  • Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass

    Hofner Guitars Ignition Bass - "Excellent value for money"


    No need to add anything here. But its weight is...strange! I even thought it had to do with the manufacturing quality, because I didn't know this type of bass. And then you get used to it and really appreciate it. The finish isn't that good....some…