Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series
Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series

Violin Bass Contemporary Series, 4-string bass guitar from Hofner Guitars.

mca 12/14/2009

Hofner Guitars Violin Bass Contemporary Series : mca's user review


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Enough said before. The handle is easy to treat


Super nice handle, access to acute impeccable, sound, string change is necessary. After that it offers a lot of sound possibilities. The short scale, the lightness of the device make it an incredibly convenient tool. 42 mm at nut remember my SG 61 says it all.


I play on a b2 zoom simulator and sound system, parcer I'm a guitarist and I have not yet bought the bass amp. With that I approach the sound Sir Paul so it's going very well


I was recently on a German site at rock bottom prices 255 euros so exceptional value prices. I have a low tuning fork, traditional sleeve, so for me the hofner is a treat, even if it fauut time to adapt to tune to the short scale. I remake this choice with his eyes closed, but I love the Beatles so I'm not very objective may be. it's more a symbol than an instrument for me, even if it is true that it ensures