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Hofner Guitars Guitars user reviews

  • Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor

    Hofner Guitars Vintage compressor - "Value vs Quality"


    I currently own at least 20 compressors of all types and qualities, from rack units down to several I've built myself. First I'll say, this is NOT another MXR clone. MXR compressors have high gain and extremely bright sounding. The Hofner has a …

  • Hofner Guitars 457

    Hofner Guitars 457 - "Vintage 'modern' Hofner" has images


    I really wanted a Gibson 335 and hankered for years; then the 80s arrived and suddenly all the old and unloved semi acoustics were being touted about by the new British Invasion so anything was game. I spied my E457 on a back wall of Kingfisher Mu…

  • Hofner Guitars Verythin Classic

    Hofner Guitars Verythin Classic - "Beautiful Semi Hollow"


    The Hofner Verythin Classic is a reissue of the company's original highly noted semi hollow body guitar from the sixties called the Verythin. It has a very thin (!) double cutaway body with a center block of wood down the body a-la a Gibson ES335 gui…

Translated user reviews
  • Hofner Guitars Club Solid

    Hofner Guitars Club Solid - " THE price / quality"


    German-made rosewood with 2 volume knobs and a tone. Freights are pearly, beautiful! The violin is very good and also very beautiful. UTILIZATION The neck is a little thick and hangs slightly but the frets are very nice. Ergonomics is very go…

  • Hofner Guitars 173

    Hofner Guitars 173 - " Hofner 173 sunburst great!"


    This guitar was manufactured in Germany but also in England (Selmer), the two kind of guitar are very good but from that of England are "better", the bridge is a system that allows a ball to keep a proper agreement , a type handle fender rosewood, 22…

  • Hofner Guitars Verythin Vintage

    Hofner Guitars Verythin Vintage - " it's round, it's good!"


    I bought it in the 90s in the USA, a pittance (well about $ 300 anyway, but compared to what I had planned to put in a hollow body is that slab) and I discovered a great guitar made in Germany! UTILIZATION The handle was top, clean, I had a few y…

  • Hofner Guitars Thin Président

    Hofner Guitars Thin Président - " It's good!"


    Made in Germany in 2004 (Style 2), massive spruce table, maple body Flamed 60mm thick, ebony fingerboard .... A sunburst done tastefully .... an instrument that breathes well, quality UTILIZATION a handle of finesse and perfect comfort just, easy…

  • Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

    Hofner Guitars Shorty CT - Matosman59's review


    Friendly and pleasant handle. 1 humbucker 1 volume 1 tone UTILIZATION Good sustain, good handle, good sound ... I admit I do not understand the comments precedents?? Indeed, the ergonomics is not on top and you must learn to use the bea…

  • Hofner Guitars Verythin CT

    Hofner Guitars Verythin CT - " An unexpected gem"


    "Designed in Germany", but assembled in China I think. In excellent workmanship! The finishes are really impeccable and very successful sunburst. The maple smells good living, robustness and provides a very original sound, even when the guitar is…

  • Hofner Guitars Verythin CT

    Hofner Guitars Verythin CT - " Good guitar"


    Made in Germany ... to confirm what was said by a previous user! I was endorser by them in 2008/2009 and I went visited the workshops. Their work is outstanding and are listening to their customers! Only electronics comes from Asia. I remain, de…