Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

Shorty CT, Other Electric Guitar from Hofner Guitars.

ossanha 04/25/2008

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT : ossanha's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
It's a cheap travel guitar, made in China, a bill is very simple:
- About 85 cm long, a box of 25x15cm and a custom cover;
- A handle 24 cases, of normal size, with average mechanical quality, which are nevertheless pretty good agreement;
- A prominent bridge, no tremolo (I personally prefer);
- A side humbucker bridge with a pretty good output level and no snoring;
- A volume knob, one tone knob;

Mechanical finishing is very poor, I had to reattach the shield of the table, which tended to drop out. For cons, I did not have to redo the welds potentiometers or microphones.


The handle is quite nice, flat and not too wide. Given the size of the box, the guitar is completely unbalanced and tends to tip the winning side when standing cheek, which does not facilitate access to acute ... The kind of joke that makes the guitar difficult to use on stage.

For the price, do not expect miracles: the raw sound is quite flat. With a microphone glued to the bridge, the tone knob is very effective: we move from a very muffled sound to a sound rich in harmonics.


I use it in the crunch and moderately full, on a Pocket Pod with headphones: it sounds more acceptable. The clean sounds are more personality out of the guitar, so they are rather flat. The position of the microphone gives a very rich in harmonics, and stiffness of the neck and body provide good sustain.


I've had a month in extra guitar (my main guitar is a Telecaster).

The very small size makes it ideal for travel (in its cover, it goes smoothly as baggage) or play sprawled on the sofa.

The value is good: for a little over a hundred euros, I find the gear musically very convenient, even if you have to work a little on it to finish because of deplorable.

Despite its limitations (clear sound disappointing, poor balance), I would buy without hesitation for its convenience.