Hofner Guitars Shorty CT
Hofner Guitars Shorty CT

Shorty CT, Other Electric Guitar from Hofner Guitars.

Matosman59 07/07/2014

Hofner Guitars Shorty CT : Matosman59's user review


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Friendly and pleasant handle.
1 humbucker
1 volume
1 tone


Good sustain, good handle, good sound ...
I admit I do not understand the comments precedents??
Indeed, the ergonomics is not on top and you must learn to use the beast knowing that it takes a little time to adapt (as my martin backpacker). Personally, I play without standing problem, and sat resting on the right leg, and c is a party ...
Check out the test on the net. It sounds this guitar, especially with a saturation!
Try there with a good amp and you will be surprised.
For this price, c is present.

I play both in my sofa, that in repeated and ... Even on stage.


It suits my musical style (classic rock!)
Go see this test ...

You understand.


6 or 7 years, and it does not plank at all, and it does not move.

If I would do this choice? J redeem a second well in another color. :)