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Fostex Studio & Home Studio news

  • Fostex ships the PM0.3 studio monitors

    Fostex ships the PM0.3 studio monitors

    02/26/13 in Fostex PM0.3

    Fostex is now shipping the new PM0.3 two-way powered monitors for home studio, which are available in three finishes.

  • Fostex introduces the PX active monitors

    Fostex introduces the PX active monitors

    02/06/13 in Fostex PX-5

    Fostex will launch this year a new active monitors series, with two 5" PX-5 and 6" PX-6 models.

  • Fostex PM841

    Fostex PM841

    05/29/12 in Fostex PM841

    The PM841 is a 3-way monitor speaker from Fostex consisting of 8-inch woofer, 4-inch mid-range and 3/4-inch tweeter.

  • [NAMM] Fostex PM0.5n Studio Monitors

    [NAMM] Fostex PM0.5n Studio Monitors

    01/24/11 in Fostex PM0.5n

    The PM0.5n offers 70 watts of bi-amped power.

  • [NAMM] Fostex FM-3 Mixer

    [NAMM] Fostex FM-3 Mixer

    01/21/10 in Fostex FM-3

    The FM-3 Portable Mixer is equipped with balanced 3ch inputs and 2 x Main outputs each featuring high quality, custom transformers in addition to a wide variety of Sub outputs.

  • [NAMM] Fostex UR-2 Recorder

    [NAMM] Fostex UR-2 Recorder

    01/21/10 in Fostex UR-2

    The UR-2 is a new generation stereo audio recorder from Fostex that utilizes dual SD cards (SDHC compatible) and USB storage device as the recording media.

  • [NAMM] Fostex FM-4 Mixer

    [NAMM] Fostex FM-4 Mixer

    01/21/10 in Fostex FM-4

    Fostex has added the FM-4 4-channel mixer to its new line-up of professional portable mixers already consisting of the FM-3 launched in late 2009.

  • Fostex PM0.4 - White Finish

    Fostex PM0.4 - White Finish

    02/05/09 in Fostex PM0.4

    The PM0.4W Powered Studio Monitor is Fostex's latest speaker.

  • Fostex LR16

    Fostex LR16

    01/26/09 in Fostex LR16

    The LR16 is a live mixer with integrated 16-track multi-track HD recorder, which will be ready for shipment in February of 2009.