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  • Millenium DI-33

    Millenium DI-33 - " Not bad at all"


    DI has everything a great in descripion: -Active (9V battery or phantom power) Input-Jack or XLR Out-Link -20dB PAD- UTILIZATION I used a lot of gigs and even repeated for testing! I had some problems with the use in phantom power. You sh…

  • Millenium DI-33

    Millenium DI-33 - " Perfect for what we demand"


    . UTILIZATION . SOUND QUALITY . OVERALL OPINION I have an acoustic guitar that I plugged in my direct sound. Now I plug this in thomann DI position 20 dB so I secure my gear (impedance) and I still have my usual sound. The other Sunday I …

  • Millenium DI-E

    Millenium DI-E - "Cheap DI"


    This direct box is the cheapest passive exists at Thomann's and perhaps anywhere. Intuitive: you plug the guitar (or keyboard) jack on the base, and an XLR microphone cable with symmetrical signal and lowered impedance (microphone level) is fed to…

  • Millenium DI-E

    Millenium DI-E - " Very correct"


    Passive, sturdy, practical for one detail. It succeeds where my red box HK pro fails ... not bad! The last detail is that as the XLR output is not isolated from the housing ben ground lift has no effect. A so your tools, not a big deal though. …

  • Millenium MA-2050

    Millenium MA-2050 - " Robust and rigid, quick" has images


    Having revamped my workspace in Home-Studio, I needed a support system for my microphone ... Without stand and I can move quickly to put on the side without having to wire or Disconnect the terminal every time. So this media with XLR cable tube was p…

  • Millenium MS-2005

    Millenium MS-2005 - " operational!"


    stop saying that stuff is pourrav '. you shake like oxen or what? I have a studio project B3 MKII + a popfilter going on and not worry unless there ais earthquakes foot is very stable! OVERALL OPINION I highly recommend! and not only to small b…

  • Millenium DI-E

    Millenium DI-E - Zlhanh's review


    DI-E millennium! DI optimum copy of cheapskate! ^ ^ Everything that is most basic, an entry, a low output Impedance, output (link), two buttons is called ground lift and instrument / speaker (???) It is passive. Frame which probably served as …

  • Millenium DIA

    Millenium DIA - rascar's review


    I am very happy :) …

  • Millenium MS-2005

    Millenium MS-2005 - Panse-bête's review


    <span style="font-size: small; font-family: Times New Roman;">I use: SM 57, 58 acoustic instruments and M Audio Nova, heavier, for a spoken voice.</span> OVERALL OPINION I use two feet MS-2005 last week. I use it only at home. For the home studi…

  • Millenium MS 2003

    Millenium MS 2003 - Slode's review


    Microphone stands very stable, the microphone boom is broken and the thread died down, if not easy to implement. OVERALL OPINION "I have been using less than 1 month - No I bought it on thomann is a microphone stand I'm not broken head despite …