Millenium DI-33
Millenium DI-33

DI-33, DI from Millenium.

NicoG60 05/13/2013

Millenium DI-33 : NicoG60's user review

«  Not bad at all »

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DI has everything a great in descripion:
-Active (9V battery or phantom power)
Input-Jack or XLR
-20dB PAD-


I used a lot of gigs and even repeated for testing! I had some problems with the use in phantom power. You should know that the PCB inside is definitely not isolated and the connector for 9V battery just short-juice while walking above. Because of that, I happened to clip the entire system to see me in the lips 48V via a micro grid (normally grounded) ... finally a good old piece of gaffer on this connector and no worries, it is quickly repaired but a bit annoying when you do not know and that realizes the only product out of the box ...


Some say they do not find it clear, I do not particularly have realized ...


A good DI for small budgets! If the worries short-juice is removed I think it's great and that choice would be there if I need a cheap DI.