Millenium MS-2005
Millenium MS-2005
phenix! 01/28/2007

Millenium MS-2005 : phenix!'s user review


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What is a foot micro ...
not rising as high as my Stagg, to put a microphone singing (unless the singer makes 2.20m) is a suffisant.Pareil charlet, snare ...
Overheads for this may be a fair bit I think, but why not, it could do, we should in this case raise the boom to its maximum.

While the system is not as developed, practical and well as other damn feet (to the old system rather with small handle for tightening), but he made his taf, and I did not feel to have something in plastok or likely to fall at the slightest fart old.

But less than 10 euros, I asked him not to behave as role models to 40 or 50 euros.


I bought this foot Thomann same time as another command, and I do not notice the bottom ... there was no chance of a sudden ... 2 ...
This foot was not for me but for my mother, who loves to karaoke with her friends, she wanted to put his foot Behringer XM8500.
I felt it was not necessary to buy a foot K & M. In fact, for this use, it is enough.
However, I tested at home before offering ...
I put the dynamics of course, and do not worry, the foot is set well, it is stable ... in short, the test "soft" held nickel.
And even if it is not intended for AC, I've plugged my micro tube (T SCT700 bone) to see if he did not move too much, and if it does not collapse to a single once, with a mic rather heavy (750 g with the suspension). And I tightly several times.
And although the result was beyond my expectations, I put the mic in any position, even the most perilous, and the foot ... well not move it!
Surprising at this price! Although somehow I prefer to use other feet, but it works!

Quality / price ratio more than excellent! I buy an accounts or two to complete my fleet of foot, as for singing microphones, other dynamic or static small membrane charlet for example, it will be fine.

So if you want a good start, good manufacturing, sturdy enough for singing on stage or studio microphones, ben ca does!