Millenium MS-2005
Millenium MS-2005
Dreammer 07/23/2008

Millenium MS-2005 : Dreammer's user review


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Audience: Beginners


Use for 2 years
I use 4 mic stands for Battery essentially taken overhead.
My pickups are plutt featherweight (RODE NT5)

- Delivery / Price
- The base is stable Leaflets 100%

Points Ngatifs
- Do not over tighten the butterfly of the boom under threat of breaking the plastic
- Do not Leaflets 100% of its size, the foot. a look a little, nothing serious.
- Painting a bit fragile in the transport

- Promote micro featherweight. Avoid Beta52A example ^ ^
- Vrifier wear the threads of the screws (no problem encountered but given the price entry level, one can ask the question)
- Be careful when moving the paint

Report QualitPrix ... I would say plutt Delivery / Price
For me, trs well in any context: Concert, recording, ...
Can be avoid in a pro studio even when ... whatever one may ask?

Exprience with, you will do again this choice?
Yes, because I find the price of competing versions abuse even if it is true they have a better quality of production and a heavier weight in the base to support heavier microphones.