Millenium DI-E
Millenium DI-E

DI-E, DI from Millenium.

à Chaud 02/06/2012

Millenium DI-E : à Chaud's user review

« Cheap DI »

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This direct box is the cheapest passive exists at Thomann's and perhaps anywhere.

Intuitive: you plug the guitar (or keyboard) jack on the base, and an XLR microphone cable with symmetrical signal and lowered impedance (microphone level) is fed to the console.
A second Jack socket in parallel allows the guitarist to plug in his amp.

2 switches:
-1 ground lift, as usual.
-1 Switch to toggle btw inst/line level or speaker level input
Possibility of parallel connection too the speaker of a guitar amp.


The pattern is printed on the canister solid (necessary because this accessory is still lying on the ground and walk on it easily).
Conclusion: Simple and sufficient.


Sound quality sufficient for most needs.
No need to put more expensive for the majority of uses, especially for a guitar or keyboard.
Well, if you want the ultimate in terms of its fidelity, an active box would be better because I do not guarantee the quality of small internal transformer.
I've never tried it on a bass guitar because I have better Di-Box that I reserve for difficult cases such as low.
But in most cases, it should.


Di-box economic doing its job.