Millenium DI-E
Millenium DI-E

DI-E, DI from Millenium.

SlapKid 09/03/2011

Millenium DI-E : SlapKid's user review

«  Very correct »

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Passive, sturdy, practical for one detail.

It succeeds where my red box HK pro fails ... not bad!

The last detail is that as the XLR output is not isolated from the housing ben ground lift has no effect. A so your tools, not a big deal though.


Option inst / spkr could not be more helpful, I use the DI output on my Marshall amp (the amp box that is plugged into the output of the Sun) and the level playing great. Contrary to common-30db attenuation of-50dB is here, it is necessary for a marshall (the Britons are calibrated !)...

With a jack xlr - 6.3 stereo I am ready to all situations (dj table, old multitrack analog for example).
In use with an instrument, less flattering, but can troubleshoot incredibly ...


So the output of guitar amp is impeccable, except that the signal does not simulate rendering hp guitar.

HK pro my red box is unusable due to large permanent rumble (ground lift or not) and in exactly the same config millennium is the nickel (even with the ground lift option does not work).

Live in a low sound is worse than the Bebert DI100 which it is active, it's normal but not so important to the final result.
Still, it is a liability without regard every time ...


In the trademark for a class transformer needs to be six times more, as usual asked it can be worth it.

For just as it is against the isolation of the XLR box and you have a very decent product with multiple uses, which will save the day many times.

Brief price is full board.

DI have the following available: Bebert DI100 Ultra and g, di210 millennium, HK red box pro, millennium passive stereo. The better the di210
(Passive low-di-PA) and a long, g is the ultra-convenient if you electric guitar (simultaneously disengaged hp) and not too bad.

One day I might need the top, so I slammed 250 in Roros Radial ... by then for 10 Roros ...