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SPL Studio & Home Studio user reviews


    SPL MTC - "Fantastic piece of gear"


    I purchased this second-hand as an upgrade to my monitoring chain from my Mackie Big Knob. Buying it used, along with the money I got from the salie of the big knob, made this a fantastic purchase. One thing that I truly loved and became accustome…

  • SPL Transient Designer 4

    SPL Transient Designer 4 - moosers's review


    The SPL Transient Designer 4 is four channels of a unique dynamic processor that works by affecting just the transients rather than the entire signal. It's an analog piece of gear consisting of XLR connections for both your input and output for each…

  • SPL Charisma 2

    SPL Charisma 2 - moosers's review


    SPL's Charisma 2 is a dual channel tube limiter that will be found and is designed for use in the recording studio. It's the perfect compliment to your digital recording studio, as it adds clarity and a realistic factor to your sound whether you dec…

  • SPL Dynamaxx

    SPL Dynamaxx - moosers's review


    SPL's DynaMaxx is a dual channel compressor, limiter, and gate. It's definitely a unique piece of gear, which has actually become pretty standard for SPL. They think outside of the box with all of their gear, which besides the top notch sound quali…

  • SPL Transient Designer 2

    SPL Transient Designer 2 - moosers's review


    SPL's Transient Designer 2 is a unique dynamic processor, made up of analog parts and very simple in make up. I don't know what types of connections the unit has it the back since the one I've used was already in the rack mount in the studio that I …

  • SPL Charisma 2

    SPL Charisma 2 - Audiofanzine FR's review


    (Originally written by Raven Circle/translated from Audiofanzine FR) Connections: stereo inputs and outputs via XLR and jacks Pure German analog technology UTILIZATION Ultra easy to use if you have good ears and you know what you bought.…

Translated user reviews
  • SPL Gain Station 1

    SPL Gain Station 1 - " Super versatile"


    A Class A tube stage and another fet. With the optional digital converter is a very convenient. UTILIZATION The manual is very clear, it is best to consult because it has lots of little practical tips for connections. Otherwise, all is so easy to…

  • SPL GoldMike

    SPL GoldMike - " Great product"


    The lamps are their taff. Flair button brings some clarity (say treble frequencies) but it's not obvious. 48v a knob, a phase reverse for each channel is significant. THE compression is the compression pump. Instead, it is so quiet that you wonder if…

  • SPL Track One

    SPL Track One - " SPL Track One MkII"


    SPL Track One MKII is the little brother of the legendary Channel One with my Audio Technica mic (and after the SPL Track One Gold) having an input as its predecessor but replaces lamps with transistors. Fortunately, nothing has changed technical s…

  • SPL 1224 Preference & TwinTube

    SPL 1224 Preference & TwinTube - " in addition to an existing setup"


    Attn, it is indeed a preamp and a saturator tube. The specific model is 1224, see http://spl.info/produkte/analog-elemental-series/preference-twintube/kurzinfo.html UTILIZATION Pretty simple to use, there is 2 sections: preamp and then saturato…