SPL Charisma 2
SPL Charisma 2
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EKAA 03/04/2013

SPL Charisma 2 : EKAA's user review


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"Preamp" stereo tube.

IN / OUT XLR or Jack



Nothing more simple.
3 buttons per channel, manual absolutely useless ...
we need to find the balance, or the desired sound playing on the drive and charisma .. and adjust the output level.

the two channels are fully independent and can be used as two mono channels ...


So there!
super effective!
it brings precision to the processed track. the "contour" I say ...
After many years of practice, I regularly use on synths and bass ...
On synths, that the "precise" ... Claremont ... warmer, more present, less "fuzzy" in the bottom ...
on bass, several settings are possible, "just what it takes" to downright dirty ... clean .... But I adore.
The bybass nikel is it n not alter the sound.

It may work well for certain types of guitars, mostly clear ... but hey .... matter of taste.

For voice is the same ... there's much better material ... but you need to add a 0 ...


I've had more than 10 years, and I do not sell EVER!
Just for synths and bass!

I often work in the studio and for guitars, Tubetech is much better ..
to see, like, it is not worth a voicebox ..... finally everything we already know ...

Coupled with a good EQ, it can be a great tool.

There is nothing that I don t like, and considering the price and use, I put a 10! no problem.

I would do this choice without asking questions, I was even tempted by Charisma 8 8 channels ... but this guy is still a bit too much for my use ... to the limit, why not add a string to my Charisma 2 a day ..