SPL Transient Designer 4
SPL Transient Designer 4

Transient Designer 4, Other dynamic processor from SPL in the Transient Designer series.

MaZar 12/22/2013

SPL Transient Designer 4 : MaZar's user review

«  Forget plug-in SPL! »

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4 inputs / 4 outputs on XLR, 2 buttons per channel (Attack / Sustain) and possible linker 2 channels.


Given the number of buttons, I think I have nothing more simple in my studio!


No loss when you go in, no staining.

But it is a fabulous tool that will trace the Rooms of your decision by filing its battery attacks, attacks subside electric basses, will add to the attack samples Electro too compressed while keeping the sustain or not same for acoustic guitar!

It is really possible to scuplter attacks and decay of what you spend it.

Just a tip: attack, once boosted, can saturate your converters in less than two ... 2 choices available to you: go into a preamp behind the transient designer for color and naturally compress the sound loudly in returning or less then return in the transient designer for the necessary re-attack before your converter margin.


I use it for 7 years. He saved my life more than once.

I had the opportunity to test the plug-in SPL and I said "hey cool, I can sell my machine, earn money and buy Christmas gifts!" but in fact it is so much less efficient than hardware version that I quickly forgot this idea ... And even when I'm too lazy to connect 2 cables on my patch, I prefer to use the Oxford Transient Modulator works best the plug-in SPL except that this time, I put my Transient Designer to take on my microphone Battery overheads and I can not do without.

For the price, I think it is largely justified for 4 channels.