SPL Transient Designer 4
SPL Transient Designer 4

Transient Designer 4, Other dynamic processor from SPL in the Transient Designer series.

J.a.h.n.o 12/19/2003

SPL Transient Designer 4 : J.a.h.n.o's user review


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C But what this UFO??
the TD and a new type of processor in SPL dynamic controller that allows the attack and sustain sound thanks to just two knobs!
it is analog,
can boost or cut of 15 db and the attack boost or cut 24 dB sustain,
this machine is unique in the world
was 2 or 4 lines of work that are linkable in pairs,
XLR connector only, +4 dBu, 1U 19 ", an LED to control whether a signal passes
He aimed particularly at its percussive, and particularly acoustic


So l!! at the config can not be simpler: a knob for the attack to sustain a knob, no treshold as a comp, everything is automated as spl knows so well how to say musically ca,
Even someone knew nothing could happen to leave something good: c more simple attack? turn the knob to the right attack, more sustain? sustain the knob to the right and vice versa, extremely simple
c raproch or as if the microphone is moved away from the source with the attack and as if shot or the addition of the atmosphere (piece) with sustain,
c processor dynamically easier to adjust that I know ... watch your rigth mm a digital recorder


Pfff .... C of the bomb, kick your lack of energy?? You sick and tired of spending time on your gate was adjusted to fit on the overhead ????, it was placed too close there are too many Attaq ?? your bass is not clear enough ds mix?? you want a good finger on the string bass? guitar sharper or softer with lots of sustain ??.... could still go on all the sources as simple instrument can benefit from the benefit of the transient designer, and this in time to play with the Attaq and sustain your sound now, forget the bad gates here will give you a machinequi Attaq massive clean lap top in 10 seconds! or you cut the sounds of ambience without the fuss!
the best example is a battery, we do what we want or we remove raproche microphones with a knob, cut sounds that trainnasse (toms. ..) always with the ease and rapidity of concertante,
for electro sounds are even fighting over compress your grossescaisses such por boxes alllez a lil shot td revamped for once and give them a new dynamic life! always sounds like the TD, and me too, because that always makes me more beautiful in like 30 seconds
for her it must really listen to believe it, c the SPL so I think no need to c that c right, clean, no frills: it sounds ...
oh yeah I forgot you have fun spending your reverb in one of the canals and traffics to give special effects ecxeptionnel (a short reverb and a percussive attack and reverb without very long )....


I use it for over 2 years now, I was initially very skeptical about the gear but the importer told me "listen, take, try it and if you do not like to refer to me! "
he did not take very long (5 minutes of meeting of mix) to understand that its going to be one of the key machine of my rack,
what I like most c the ease with which it restores Attaq a sound, he gives the cup or sustain, and I insist even a beginner just use it without any notion of compression .. .
a meter or a LED display of the volume would prtic but the little LED is sufficient
I have the 4 channel version and the price quality ratio is very good for a smaller budget the vesion 2 channel will be more appropriate ...
I repeated this machine is unique in the world, people who often works on batteries or live in the studio should have one (beaucoupd'enorme studio work with very large as well as drummer Dennis Chambers, Simmons ....)
I do not know how I would have done if I had not had c the machine if you have no compressor or read a good compressor and a good gate ...