Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V

8100 ValveState 100V, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the ValveState I series.

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All user reviews for the Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V

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Average Score:4.4( 4.4/5 based on 7 reviews )
 3 reviews43 %
 4 reviews57 %
Value For Money : Excellent
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tjon901's review"Forgotten Marshall metal machine."

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
When solid-state amps started hitting the scene people were afraid of the new technology and most believed good tone wasnt there. Marshall believed they could make a hybrid amp that combined a pre-amp tube with a solid-state power section. This combination saves a lot of money in the production of the amp. This hybrid setup emulates the tone of a cranked power-tube section of a tube Marshall. It has a clean channel and an overdrive channel. The overdrive channel comes with two voicings and the clean channel has its own EQ. It puts out 100watts of power with an effects loop.


The amp has a very bell like clean tone and more gain than the traditional Marshall. The amp features a contour knob that when turned up emulates pushing the power section of the amp harder. This greatly effects the tone of the amp. The gain can go from traditional British overdrive to searing high gain. The built in spring reverb is a great feature but it can easily come loose so make sure your amp has it when you go to purchase it.


I mainly use LP style Mahogany guitars with high output humbuckers and this amp suited them perfectly. The high output pickups combined with the overdrive from the amp provided a great high gain sound. The 8100 is known for its clarity even with the gain cranked. The contour knob can change the voicing from having a tight low end to having a good high end bite.


With the 8100 I liked the ability to get classic Marshall tones along with the heavy tones. Nowadays 8100s can be had for very low prices. They are hidden gems that can be had for less than 200 dollars now. Big bands like Death, In Flames and Meshuggah have used them from time to time. This blows away all the newer solid-state amps and all of the newer low end Marshalls.

heavymetal84's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)" Good head start"

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
Amp Hybrid: transistor and tube pre amp
Power 100 Watts


The configuaration is very simple!
egualisation one for each channel and clean OD1/OD2

For the manual, I do not know, I bought it in time, and we do not give me, but should not be removed from St Cyr to reach the turn knobs ..

And yes, it happens quite quickly what one wants as his! But one must want a typed Marshall blues / rock or metal 80's


I play heavy metal in the style of Helloween, Maiden ... etc.
So for this style of music, if you want a typed his 80 years, it is perfect!! I play on with a Z4 Cort EVL with EMG HZ pickups .. and my Cry Baby Zakk Wylde signature and a compressor Rocktron Hush (mlheureusement required because there is the breath of death)

Frankly, we can get to have a very good sound heavy, trash, or even death!
Really for those who love the sounds of 80's Metal, I recommend it!
Side and power, he deposit it!!

My favorite sounds as desqsu said, while the sounds of 80's metal

What I like least are the clean sounds cold ... ... it takes at least a tite add reverb and chorus for it to take the body (well, in my opinion) and when the breath you push the amp if it has no compressor


I use it for 8 months!
I fell in love as soon as I plugged in!!
If VUOS really like the sound of 80's throw yourself at the cost above which it is!
Quality / price ratio excellent especially if you are new to group!
it sends the old cushy potato (yes, if you buy one occasion it was not until he is no longer) and I think mine must have a good fifteen years behind him ..

+ 80's Metal sounds
- Clear sound and breath

Well, I love this amp but I will invest in a more récebnte head lamps and probably all because I want a cleaner sound and more modern!

But Marshall is a great amp, I'm really happy!

Marty62100's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
For ca tou will see a little lower ...

I will add just:

Clean / crunch: Treble Middle Bass
OD1 / OD2: Bass Middle Treble Contour and Volume
Reverb (a spring)
Volume gnral

[/ B]


Simple enough, no tural difficulty if not for those who do not know the outline that heavy sound, it makes it more "trash" I think ... It's a magic button that digs the medium.

In fact it is now replaced by a button "scoop" if I m tired of AVT and abuse is in fact the same thing but said adjustable scoop, as it is a knob ...


The clean: it is trs crude, see "hi-fi" but at the same time we know it's not marshall and the lamp more then ...
It's up to you to build it with either a pedal for crunch Bosst dirty or just be with a bit of chorus for example ... or any other purpose.

THE CRUNCH: It is nice, it is not actually prcis but it sounds damned good dj!
THE DISTO: in OD1 I did a fact almost never used not because it is not dgueulasse-but because I've never needed ... It sounds a bit more saturated than the crunch channel 1 but ass soon.
I use so that the two distortion, much more gain, you feel a sound framework to see the big rock metal. The sound lacks a little body with respect to a very light but does not really dbrouille bad! Transistors for this one I would resume my eyes closed. It made me more than 5 years service and it can be sufficient, but especially for those who wish to spend on a stack and n'on no means an all-tube amp that seems perfect!

10 becaufe that price has been the loop, contour, reverb, ca does it well ...
I would put 10 becaufe as everybody said here aa 10 years, we let go, a sound, able, voila!


J used (any) ca for 5 years or more, on a handmade speaker

One of the best transistors that love me t given a try. It is amazingly cadr rock and big big sound, it is a choice that would be a re-closed eyes, a certain precision in the mute compared to a conventional transistor

Deu as never told our friends down I tried the new amp and I Avt least the sound sounds more Synthetik ... the full price distortion is worse ... jtrouve ... it's more impersonal ... the grain is less tight'll see me on the avt 100 I could give my opinion because I heard all week rpt!

This receiver collects the linked effect is somewhat transform sonoritsa volo, the distortion always satisfied me full price for the intermediate j used my rat killer too!

In short an amp cheap, effective, that we have to find even cheaper today to beginners in the world of stack I think it's perfect ... If you like rock, hard rock, blues and yes, METAL

infunity's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
Marshall is a brand that has proven itself to professionals as much as fans and other music lovers.

This is a whole head and half-stack of the current.
The head has a channel clean / crunch transistor equalizer with Bass-Treble-Middle (which reacts differently depending on the guitar there
+ is connected ... see below) and 2 channels OD1 and OD2 commonly called switchable, based on a preamp with a 12AX7 tube.
In connection, there is everything you need:
Front: instrument input, effect loop in and out, line out, footswitch.
At the rear: two outputs 100 watts into 4 Ohms in order to connect, not just one but two half-stack for the open-air concerts at "Woodstock school ground" (translation: in the courtyard of the school ...)

What more?

The model I have is an issue between output from 93 to 95, just before the onset of VALVESTATE II.

The presentation at the internal components and printed circuit enjoys the support of new technologies (at the time!) In that I mean that the components are of a different quality (my brother has a previous model on which the components is more like a
raising silkworms as little amp ... lol, but it works great!)


Simple setup, sounds easy reach!

I use it for 2 years, I play a little bit of everything from pop rock, funk, heavy metal and metal core, and bossa.
I am guitarist in a funk rock group to register.

The manual .... What? lol


Finally, the point really of interest:-p :

Canal clean: this is interesting, because I plugged three guitars is still quite common three configurations:

Schecter Classic Stratocaster customized with a GFS Lil 'killer in acute splittable.

A Washburn N2 padauk of 1995 with a Bill Lawrence L-500 United States (not the Bill & Beck)

An sunburst Fender Stratocaster, 1971 with all original parts. (Bastien thank you!)
The Schecter: that little ringing clear strat slightly runny in the clean, playing around with the equalizer on the amp, it has a well defined without overload.
Bridge position, the sound is clear as powerful crunch, the receiver meets took the microphone signal GFS, the funky rhythms are welcome!

The Washburn: while here, the clean sound is frankly not great, it's brrrr cold! Lool.
The bridge position sounds rough, fortunately, the clean channel equalizer is effective, bump to put in the serious media.
The intermediate position on the clean goes best is softened.
In crunch, it's funky rock, you want to go on the canal OD1 or OD2, to get excited! lol

The Fender: it rings of hell, the receiver restores a beautiful sound ....
The clean is clear but mellow, less defined, but ... I like slamming too!
Whatever the position, the amp go brilliantly capture sound vibrations microphones home.

Canal OD1/OD2:

OD1: with Schecter, single coil in position 1 and 3, the sound is by level of gain, creamy, blues blues shy nervous was fun!
The GFS shows good aggression and saturation is amazing, it does not hurt the good old hard rock heavy to see ACDC ... it's true that there is a lamp!

The Washburn N2, Position 1, sounds correctly, rock hard rock, the notes remain defined even if the distortion of the amp is pushed to the max (watch only the OD1)
Bill Lawrence United States, created the false impression OD1 channel nasal, it is necessary to adjust the preamp with the Equal. A little research, we get the 8100, a funk rock sound saturated much aggressive metal limit!
Intermediate position, the preamp gives a bluesy rock sound interesting!
The Fender Start sounds like a unique strat these years!
A blues-rock very nervous and sometimes funk metal.
The amp responds great, a sound bite on the micro acute and cozy on other positions.

OD2: whatever the guitar, the amp responds well to the metal intermediate positions and double bridge.
It gets a face full head!
Saturation is due to a bump in the midrange for the Schecter and Fender 71's in middle position 4 or bridge, we re a small jet of Jerry C. "Rock on"
The richness of grain position on the Washburn N2 Bridge, for rhythmic funk-metal.
The amp is coupled perfectly with the guitars, the channel is versatile from rock to metal trash - core, and it is expected that!

The firm 4 * HP 140W (those are mid-range Celestion who defend rather well) transmits good sound and the finish is simple but important wrist transport and protection of angles.


It is a half-stack of the most interesting in terms of ratio / price / quality, maintenance is almost non-existent (I personally have never had a problem with noise when I turn the knobs!) And was soon sound powerful for most styles of music!
And frankly, it's solid!

Strongly advised to budget who want a sound stage at a price became affordable.

With experience and little money, well I would not hesitate!

planetslide's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
Hybrid power amplifier transistor, lamp (1 * ECC83) preamp for the distortion in.
Power 100 W
Connectors Front: guitar input, effects loop (with option adjustable-12dB), line out and footswitch.
At the rear: two outputs for HP
4 types of sound: clear, crunch, disto1, disto2.
Spring reverb with mix control knob by.

Is essentially what!


Config simple.

An EQ per channel, it leaves the freedom from clear and full.

Here is a manual?


Good amp for rock to metal.

It's not a JCM but the lamp of the preamp is doing its job. The two gain distortion is not thoroughly ridiculous for the metal.

The contour knob changes the sound deep, with a nice little range.

The light is not great, lacks a bit of heat, but by adding effects, so good.

The reverb is not his strong point in my opinion.


I carted this amp around for ten years and I never had to worry about. Reliability guaranteed!

The head is small and light (as transistor) so easy to carry, which is good practice to repeat.

By turning the reverb (or by putting the other), and cutting (or replacing) the front plate, you can drag a rack in the receiver, which allows to get a head "while a" hyper convenient to carry. It's really good ...

There is no miracle, the sound is not that of an all-tube amp, but it's really a good product anyway. Connected to a good Bafle (eg bowls V30), it sounds even surprise really not bad.

To believe that his sidekick the HP 8412 is not up to ....?

math62's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V
Power Amplification: transistor
pramp: lamp
100 watts RMS 4 ohm dual output
rglages: clean crunch: a treble EQ, mid, and low gain
OD1 OD2 distortion: Gain, volume, treble medium low, presence, volume
FX Loop


Rglage simple
can easily get a big sound
there is no need for manual


Trs well for its clean, slightly distorted, and also a major trs well thanks to its powerful lamp


2 years of use and not a problem.
This head is already out there over 10 years and is one which works best
with an unbeatable price quality ratio

corpsegrinder's review (This content has been automatically translated from French)

Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V






J have not the good taste to all the sections but I resume: I play death metal, this is my first 8100 2corps.des I've connected the, I have pushed the saturation a background, I have taken for kerry king on SHOW NO MERCY! (for those unfamiliar: shame on you and your family!) I have never tried the clear sound, but the saturated maiden or acdc is the worst death while a passe.elle small grain degeulasse that I played on a 4 * 12 marshall cabinet, it sounds very bien.j 300euros.franchement have paid it all, I have tried the new series which replaces the Valvestate AVT and I prefer my big pepère.a you to make your is the amp of choice for the poor.