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Marshall Hybrid Guitar Amp Heads user reviews

  • Marshall AVT50H

    Marshall AVT50H - "Not Marshall's best"


    This is a cheap amp from Marshal in just about ever way. The tone is thin and fizzy at best an the overall feel of the amp is sub par. This amp doesn't have the feel of what you would think when they claim the tube feeling of the amp. The power secti…

  • Marshall VS100RH

    Marshall VS100RH - "Metal Marshall hybrid amp"


    In the 90s Marshall attempted to bridge the gap between tube amps and solid state amps by making hybrid amps. The Marshall hybrid amps contained a tube in the preamp with a solid state power section. This solid state power section meant you could eas…

  • Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V

    Marshall 8100 ValveState 100V - "Forgotten Marshall metal machine."


    When solid-state amps started hitting the scene people were afraid of the new technology and most believed good tone wasnt there. Marshall believed they could make a hybrid amp that combined a pre-amp tube with a solid-state power section. This combi…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - "Terrible!"


    The Marshall Mode 4 was hyped to be a great hybrid tube/solid state amplifier for the heavier metal styles that were popular at the time of the amp's introduction (mid 2000's). It features the following specs: 350W hybrid output 2-amps-in…

  • Marshall AVT50H

    Marshall AVT50H - frankP_en's review


    The Marshall AVT50H is value state guitar head. 115watts input with a 50w RMS output. At first you think that it's not a lot of power but it's enough for a live show and to record with. I used this at a club venue and it kicked out some good tones. I…

  • Marshall Mode Four

    Marshall Mode Four - "Marshall Mode Four"


    How Purchased: (1)New 2003 and (1)New 2004 model. Cost: 1199.00 a piece. Where: A little store in Ft. Worth, Tx Why I purchased: Conducted solid bench test and research for MY sound. Compared sound to other manufactures/models and decided o…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - "Marshall Mode Four Half Stack"


    I packed up My Gibson SG, Fender Limited edition Fat Strat w/active EMGs and my GNX3 and headed for my local Guitar Center and Sam Ash to check out the 'The Big Amps". It was kinda fun watching them inventory my stuff and fill out the paperwork. This…

  • Marshall MF350

    Marshall MF350 - "Marshall MF 350 Half Stack"


    Guitar Center in Danvers, MA for a total of about $2,100. It's loud! A real meaty overdrive sound that is sure to satisfy metal-heads. The clean also excellent, unaduldtered tone. The reverb is nothing to rave about, it's an eery sort of reverb th…

  • Marshall AVT50H

    Marshall AVT50H - "Marshall AVT50-Head"


    I paid about $450 for this at a local music store. It came with a footswitch and tone that kicked my ass. Just about everything! Both the clean and OD channels rock. The clean channel is suprisingly good far a half solid state. It has a pretty good…

  • Marshall VS100RH

    Marshall VS100RH - "Marshall Valvestate 100 Watt Limited Edition Half Stack"


    My friend and bass player in my band told me about a great deal at a local Music-Go-Round. I needed a new amp and I was looking for a good amp that would handle a lot of raw tones, specifically distortion. I was lucky to find that the stack was only …