Marshall VS100RH
Marshall VS100RH

VS100RH, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the ValveState II series.

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darock 04/15/2005

Marshall VS100RH : darock's user review


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Value For Money : Excellent
Amp hybrid prampli lamps and power amp Valvestate technology (based field effect transistors, also called TEF).
Power of 100 Watts into 8 ohms.
Prampli 3 channels: clean, overdrive 1 and overdrive 2.
2 reverbs, one for clean sounds and one for distorted sounds.
2 eq, such as reverb with level assignment.
2 HP, 1 line out with accumulation of HP, a footswitch jack, a headphone output.


Operation is simple.
In his clear, a Tone Shift button to switch between a clear Vintage sound more modern, more Dfine Tone.
In the saturated, the product of an overdrive sound from a sound lgrement crunch sound bluer / rock style AC / DC.
The overdrive 2 has more gain. In addition, a call contour knob gives the characters sound. At a minimum, has a pai blues sound like smoky bar and the bottom was a well metal. It therefore has the full range of its intermdiaire.
The eq has no drastic action but are still musical.
It is easily the sound you want, especially if one considers that there is a power button size that works as a sort of Power Brake allg. We can therefore obtain low power, a sound very similar to the sound that would be obtained if you push the amp back, especially at the grave.


The amp meets normment the guitar you use. Especially in his clear, the difference between a simple micro scratches and scrapes a dual microphones is perfectly rendered. These same sounds clearly benefitted from an excellent monitoring of the dynamics and trs pure, it's hard to believe it's a Marshall. It is not clear sounds dignent a Fender Twin, but it moves away as if a.
The distorted sounds when they are also excellent. With an overdrive, there are the sounds of a JCM 800. When the overdrive 2, we say a more Boogie, with its massive, super thick and sharp, ideal for metal rhythm. Solo, the guitar "sings", and although the sound CONTRL.
Trs good for the price.


I use this amp for 8 years. I still tonn its sound worthy of a higher end amp. I prfre even its "big ERRF" The series of JCM.
While this is not an ENGL or Boogie, but for the price, it's really the top, and budget gal, I no referrer hsitation this choice, more than the amp is trs versatile with both the clear and beautiful sounds saturated standards.