Marshall AVT50H
Marshall AVT50H

AVT50H, Hybrid Guitar Amp Head from Marshall in the ValveState 2000 AVT series.

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thepicks 05/16/2005

Marshall AVT50H : thepicks's user review


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Hybrid head is a descendant of the Valvestate 90s, with small modifications required ..
The lamp now plays a rle prampli stronger in the sound of the overdrive, it is part of the circuit.
The power is 50 watts, but beware, this is the indication that, as in fact it will carry over to the 100 watts ... with the baffle 200 watt normal .... Connector, an Output jack, CD, Headphone front baffle (2), effects loop, footswitch ...


Setup could not be more simple, 2 channels, clean and overdrive with their personal equalizer, reverb.
The advantage is to have a gain knob and a volume knob for both channels, it allows a greater diversity of sounds (gain by pushing the light was a crunch, the limit of the overdrive when it's back, lowering the gain and volume of the guitar, we get a clear sound warmer than the clean channel itself).
Rapidemant found the right sound, thanks especially to the manual is to help a little beginners.


Impcable for rock, blues, hard rock to the same.
Mtal lovers and other barbarians of the distortion and will dcus ptag spandrel, the overdrive is trs clear, same background, so it spits pas.Mme however, is the big big sound ....--> Grinding, cutting and putting mdium gain a background, we get a sound close to the trash, neo-metal ...
For me, I find impcable, trs versatile, the warm sound of the lamp are a rgal.
I admire particulirement the crunch of the channel clear, flexible trs, trs bon.Bref I play rock, and I love bass !!!!!!! And you cut the breath ( g group even Russian imitates a bass sound, and finally as heavy, with a bass Soost more)


I use it for a month, but for me it's a rvlation!
For those who are fed up of transistors, here the type of bte too onreux allows immediately to have the sound!! Marshall never does as good as its dernires year, and this edition is likely to remain in the memory!! Gnial I think the word ke ...