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  • Peavey KB3

    Peavey KB3 - "Channel 1 & 2 have much lower volume that Channel 3?"


    I am testing out a new Peavey KB3 60W speaker/amp. i noticed that Inputs CH1 and CH2 have a much softer volume than when I use CH3? CH3 really cranks and has power to it with the MIC and guitar/keyboards; however when I plug in the keys or guitar i…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - "KILLAH !"


    I bought my KB 100 for $60.00 ( U.S) and it was the best $60.00 I ever spent . Great for Key's , Acoustic Guitar , Pedal Steel Guitar and Bass , if ever there was a Swiss Army Amp , this is it . Like all Peavey amps it's built like a tank , I love th…

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - "Indestructible amp!!"


    150W solid-state amp with three inputs. UTILIZATION 3 independent channels, including one with mic input. The latter is of no use, except as a temporary solution when you don't have a mixer around! The manual...What manual? There's no need for one…

  • Peavey KB60

    Peavey KB60 - "A very versatile solid-state amp"


    Solid-state amp made in U.S.A (in the '90s, I think) See previous reviews for details about connections. UTILIZATION Simple: Turn the pots, the EQ controls are precise. OVERALL OPINION I use it live occasionally and more frequently at home, wi…

  • Peavey KB100

    Peavey KB100 - "GREAT all around amp!!!"


    This Peavey KB100 amp is by far the most talented, all around amp I own, and I own a lot of amps (lol). Fantastic for my keyboards as well as Bass and guitars. It doesn't matter what my guests bring over to play, because they can always plug into th…

  • Peavey KB3

    Peavey KB3 - "Good sound but for this price.. It is not worth it"


    The Peavey KB3 is a 1 x 12 Keyboard amp with balanced XLR outs and a 12 inch speaker. The sound is very clean but it does not get very loud. I did expect a lot more for my 300 bucks when I purchased this but it just didn’t have it. I feel like it sho…

  • Peavey KB1

    Peavey KB1 - "Decent it would be better with some reverb though"


    The Peavey KB1 is a 1 x 8 key board amplifier that cost around 130 dollars. At this price you just cant beat getting an amplifier of this quality. This self contained system is very small and compact; it can be taken just about anywhere with you and…

  • Peavey KB/A 60

    Peavey KB/A 60 - "Very clean sound"


    Refer to manufacturer's specifications. Nonetheless, here are the dimensions and weight (as they are not in the manual) : Width = 51 cm Height = 51 cm Depth = 30 cm Weight = 22 kg UTILIZATION Simple to use : only amplification, nothing more,…

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - "Best bang for your buck"


    3 channels, 15 inches...It's originally a keyboard amp, I think! UTILIZATION I have used it a lot for vocals during rehearsals...Then vocals and bass, it's awesome for bass (15"). And currently I use it mostly for guitar with a Boss disto ds1 pedal…

  • Peavey KB300

    Peavey KB300 - Taigong's review


    Solid-state amp 3 inputs: 1 XLR / 2 jack Settings: 3-band equalizer / reverb / gain 15" speaker + Tweeter UTILIZATION Easy and intuitive. The gain knobs are rather sensitive and you can go from not hearing anything to an explosion of sound. …